Top 10 Camping Spots in and near Killington, VT

Camping Spots in Killington

Killington, Vermont, is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a plethora of camping spots that cater to various outdoor interests. From wildlife enthusiasts to stargazers and hikers, this region has something for everyone. Here, I’ll explore the top 10 camping spots in and around Killington, focusing on the rich wildlife, diverse plant life, intriguing rock formations, … Read more

The Best Camping Tent with AC Port (2023)

AC Port Tent

A camping tent with an AC port offers the convenience of accessing electrical power for cooling devices, enhancing comfort during outdoor trips. While the idea of using air conditioning while camping might seem unconventional, it can have practical applications. In regions with extremely hot climates, an AC unit connected to the port can help create … Read more