5 Best Beach Sun Shelter of 2023 (Reviews)

Without a reliable sun shelter at the beach, you expose yourself to potential risks. Prolonged sun exposure increases the likelihood of sunburn, heat exhaustion, and even skin damage. A quality beach sun shelter offers essential protection, creating a shaded oasis where you can seek respite from harmful UV rays. Stay safe, comfortable, and enjoy your … Read more

How do you make a mini camping tent?

making mini camping tent

Mini camping tents are a great option for backpackers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who value a lightweight and compact camping setup. They are easy to carry and set up, and provide a comfortable and protected space for sleeping and storing gear. To make a mini camping tent, you will need a lightweight fabric such … Read more

Why Do Tents Leak When Touched?

Tents Leak When Touched

Tents leak when touched if the fabric is not waterproof. When you are out for camping, the last thing you want is for your tent to leak. This is a common problem. Waterproofing tent is important for keeping it from leaking. Why Tents Leak When Touched The reasons why tents leak when touched is that … Read more

Why Does Tent Get Wet Inside

It is important to know so that you can prevent it from happening to a tent. One reason is because of condensation. The air inside will be warmer and will hold more moisture when the temperature outside is colder than the temperature inside your tent. This moisture will condense on the cold walls and drip … Read more