10 Best Beach Tents in 2023 (with Helpful Guideline)

The Beach tent is a semi-sheltered place to protect from waves, rain, and sunray. Especially kids can’t take much sun. The beach tent typically looks like a camping tent. These beach shades are mostly used by families or groups.

Are you inquiring about the best beach tents for a gorgeous vacation on the beach? Having fun on the beach is excellent, but too much sun heat can ruin your trip. By allowing shelter and shielding you from harmful rays such as UV, a beach tent provides you to fully enjoy every moment you spend on the beach.

When selecting a beach tent, aspects like size, design, and easiness of use are very necessary if you want to get the most out of it. Whatever, in this article, we will show you how to pick the best beach tent and discuss some of the best products in detail to make your choice easier.

The Best Beach Tents

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Deluxe XL Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Deluxe XL Beach Tent
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  • The Pacific Breeze Deluxe XL is spacious
  • Easy to set up, and a joy to use
  • Combined with the top-level construction
  • A very reasonable price
  • Accommodate 3 to 4 persons

Size and Construction

Overall, thanks to its free dimensions, the Pacific Breeze extra-large tent can easily accommodate 3 to 4 people. Fortunately, this additional size doesn’t increase the weight after all. The frame is made of fiberglass which is lightweight but flexible.

On the other hand, the walls use high-quality polyester to protect on sun-filled days. We should also mention the water-resistant PU floor that provides you using the tent on the wet sand.

Portability and Assembly

If you use its specially-designed hub system, you have a very easy setting up and taking down this best beach summer tent. In spite of being very large when opened, it packs down to a very thick size which is 38 x 6 x 6 inches only.

Therefore you can transfer it easily with you from one place to another. The company even provides a carrying case with the purchase, so it becomes comfortable to bear.


  • Extra-large interior area for up to 4 persons
  • Breathable, with 3 mesh windows
  • With five sand pockets for extra durability
  • A sturdy carrying case included
  • Good customer service


  • Only a 1-year warranty

Sport-Brella Portable for All-Weather the Best Beach Tent

portable best beach tent
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  • Convenience and ease of use,
  • The combination between a classic and a beach umbrella
  • Unique in beach canopy reviews
  • With extra portability.

Size and Construction

It’s measuring 8 feet in diameter. In fact, the Sport-Brella umbrella tent will provide you a lot of shade. However, unlike an ordinary umbrella, it allows wall extensions on the sides to provide you wind protection also.

After all, the fabric of choice is 210D polyester with absolute resistance to sun and damage. In the same way, the steel frame makes sure the canopy cover doesn’t break when flaps of wind hit it.

Portability and Assembly

Because of its umbrella-shaped design, Sport-Brella ranks among the best beach tents in terms of portability. Measuring only 54 inches when folded, then packs in its own carrying bag for easier movement.

When you arrive at the beach, the assembly is pretty straightforward. You can just open it like a standard umbrella. Firstly, adjust the length of the telescoping center pole, and finally, stake down the sides with the provided ground stakes.


  • Due to the Canopy umbrella design, setup easier
  • Side panels and wind flaps are for extra protection
  • Dependable protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • Relief vents improve wind-resistance
  • Tie-downs and Ground stakes included for anchoring


  • Difficult to set up in windy environments

Coleman Day Tripper Beach Tent

Coleman Day Tripper Beach Tent
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  • Pop-up design
  • Excellent to avoid complicated assembly
  • Stake down the pre-attached guy lines
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best value pick on our list

Size and Construction

Bearing in mind that it’s a pop-up, Coleman Shade Shelter is a properly large size tent. Overall, the floor is sufficiently spacious for lying down comfortably, while the 4ft 9in-tall ceiling provides a lot of areas.

Therefore, you don’t hit your head while sitting. In spite of being affordable, Coleman uses high-quality polyester and fiberglass. It is for making the tent durable in harsher weather conditions.

Portability and Assembly

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, the Coleman Shade Shelter tent is unbelievably easy to set up. In fact, the process is very simple and won’t need more than 5 minutes of your time even if you don’t have much experience.

When packed, it weighs only 6.3 pounds.  On the contrary, the provided wheeled carry bag makes transportation much easier to take with when going to the beach.


  • Setup takes a very short time
  • Pop-up design easy to set up
  • The front floor extension zips up to give you privacy
  • Storage pockets 
  • A dry line for wet clothing
  • A large mesh window allows air circulation


  • It would not be very welcome in some spots on busy days.

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent
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  • A well-balanced model
  • Perfectly combines portability, ease of use, and overall quality
  • Equipped with a hub system
  • It opens and closes in seconds, saving you a lot of time
  • The best beach tents about protection from sun and rain

Size and Construction

Limited sized, the Pacific Breeze tent provides sufficient room for two adults. Moreover, it’s made of breathable polyester, with UPF 50 protection rating to keep your skin safe. It provides a water-resistant coating to keep you dry in the rain.

Overall, lightweight fiberglass frame easily resists the wind, while the PE floor keeps you dry and clean on the sand.

Portability and Assembly

Because of its combination of materials, this tent is magnificently lightweight. in fact, you can easily carry it over long distances. When packed in the included bag, it measures only 40 inches long.

Additionally, when you find your certain spot, the hub system makes assembly very easy.


  • Special hub system makes easy setup and takedown
  • Compact and Lightweight for transportation
  • Fabric provides excellent rain and sun protection
  • Great side windows make it much breathable
  • Included with sand pockets, stakes, and a carry case


  • Shallow depth lets the sunshine in

Easthills Outdoors Easy Up Sun Shelter Beach Tent

Easthills Outdoors Easy Up Sun Shelter Beach Tent
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  • With extended front flap.
  • Allows us to place two full-size beach chairs inside.
  • The flap zips up completely to double as a front door and close the ent completely.

Size and Construction

Actually, the fabric used to make Easthills Outdoors Easy Up Sun Shelter tent is 185T polyester with an excellent performance in beach conditions. Not only this, it shields you against sunlight, but it also resists wind and damage from sharp things.

Regarding the frame, the tough fiberglass won’t break even in strong winds. According to mentioned, it accommodates two adults easily, and it can be even better for kids.

Portability and Assembly

For outdoors uses the Easy Up system makes the assembly unbelievably easy. Just you have to do is at the first pull on the cords and then lock it in place. However, if you’re unsure of what to do, you’ll get instructions attached in the carry bag.

After all, the bag measures 39 inches when packed. The grabs handle and shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.


  • Extra-tough shell improves durability
  • With details instruction inside the carry bag
  • Groundsheet converts into a front door
  • Compact when packed that easily fits in the trunk
  • Whit Equipment of stakes and guylines for anchoring


  • Only for two adults accommodation

Outdoorsman Automatic Pop-Up Beach Tent

Outdoorsman Automatic Pop-Up Beach Tent
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  • Plenty of room for your kid to play inside
  • The front side is completely open
  • Big enough to sit or lie on comfortably

Size and Construction

The complete floor area of this tent for the beach measures 71 x 60 inches, which should be remembered when purchasing. But, the quality is top-level. In fact, the walls are made of 190T nylon that is very tough and stable.

Overall, the fabric easily shelters you from the sun and rain. Making it one of the best small beach tents that you’ll come across.

Portability and Assembly

It measures only 17.7 inches when packed, this is one of the easiest tents to take with you anywhere you want. It has a round carry bag with handles, so you won’t have trouble carrying it.

If you want to open it, you only need to take it out of the bag, then its pop-up system will do the rest, thus you have your tent ready to use in seconds.


  • Pops up and folds down easily
  • A large back window supports fantastic ventilation
  • Very spacious groundsheet for comfort
  • Three sand pockets for extra weight on windy days
  • Six plastic pegs give anchoring the tent in the sand


  • Smaller in size

iCorer Automatic Instant Pop Up Cabana Beach Tent

iCorer Automatic Instant Pop Up Cabana Beach Tent
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  • The combination of low weight,
  • Easy setup, and convenient size
  • The best pop up beach tent that you’ll find
  • A cabana beach tent,
  • With three walls and a large open side
  •  A floor extension for more usable floor space.

Size and Construction

In spite of some other models, the iCorer beach shade doesn’t have space inside for chairs and a lot of gear. But, the 65 x 59-inch floor is spacious sufficient for a couple of adults and kids to sit down.

The greatest thing about this tent is its construction. Moreover, the tough frame and sturdy nylon walls make it one of the best beach cabanas when discussing quality.

Portability and Assembly

Actually, the iCorer Automatic is a pop-up style tent. That’s why you won’t have to worry about assembly too much. Firstly, you simply take it out of the bag, let go, and these beach tents pop up.

Obviously, if you want, you can stake it down using the metal pegs to improve durability. During your return, it folds down equally easily into the provided carry bag.


  • With silver-coated fabric for ultimate UV protection
  • Pop up beach cabana tent with quick and simple setup
  • With extra-tough nylon walls with mesh windows
  • Weighs just over 2 pounds so very easy to carry
  • Advantageous zippered carry bag included


  • Actually it isn’t ideal for a windy environment.

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Sun Shelter Beach Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Sun Shelter
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  •  A 4-person tent,
  • Cabana beach tent
  • Unbelievably lightweight tent for its size
  • Including the oversized carry bag at only 7 pounds
  • It’s a Family Tent
  • Movable anywhere you want
  • The compression hub system allows the setup easy

Size and Construction

The Lightspeed Outdoors cabana is a huge tent with a lot of area for up to 4 people. The floor is 8 x 4.5 feet, and its made of polyethylene that forms a lovely puncture-resistant base.

Actually, the polyester walls come with PU coating that gives it a 450mm waterproof rating for rain protection. The 8.5mm fiberglass frame provides magnificent strength to the whole structure.

Portability and Assembly

In spite of being large when opened, the tent measures only 40 x 5 x 5 inches when packed. Overall, combined with a weight of only 7 pounds. So, you have an easy transporting facility.

According to assembly, the compression hub system we talked about is incredibly advantageous, making the tent ready quickly.


  • Compression hub canopy makes opening and closing simple
  • With three mesh windows for sufficient ventilation
  • Removable window shades provide you extra privacy
  • Thick PE floor simply resists kids play and dog claws
  • An oversized carry bag included makes packing much easier


  • Actually, flap material gets hot easily

Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Sun Shelter and Beach Tent

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  • The back wall unzips and rolls up completely
  • Ultimate comfort and air circulation
  • A pop-up style tent that opens and closes in seconds
  • Very convenient to use on the beach

Size and Construction

Needless to say, when opened, the Shade Shack is justly large with a lot of room for four people. But, it is only 24 inches in diameter when packed. Regarding the construction, the walls are made of polyester that is pretty breathable and won’t get too hot on sunny days. Remember that this model doesn’t have a floor to sit on.

Portability and Assembly

Undoubtedly, this tent is one of the lightest for its size, it is only 4 pounds. For this cause, this compact tent won’t be a load when carrying your beach equipment. The company provides a round carrying case with it.

Overall, the folding frame makes packing easy.


  • Zinc-coated polyester walls supply great UV protection
  • Pop-up construction unfolds and sets up automatic
  • The three-walled design provides you with excellent shelter
  • The back wall rolls up when you need better ventilation


  • If you keep closing the windows, it will get quite hot inside the tent.

How To Choose the Best Beach Tent: Buying Guide

A well-designed outdoor best beach tent makes your spending time on the beach a lot more enjoyable. Not only will provide shelter where you might lay down and relax, but a beach tent will also filter out UV rays and defend you from sunburns.

So, now take look at a glance at everything you have to consider when picking out a portable beach tent.

Materials of Fabric and Frame

In fact, a material quality is liable for the performance a new tent has on the beach, whether it protects you from the sun, resists punctures, or keeps withstand its own in the wind.

But, it’s also necessary that the materials are not too heavy to remain portable.

Shell: Overall, Polyester and Nylon these two kinds of materials are generally used for making tent walls. Both of these fabrics are great at creating shade and coming with water-resistance.

Though, there is a little few of differences between the two. After all, Polyester is lighter and more breathable, while nylon is sturdy and provides better sun protection.

Frame: A well-structured frame ensures that your tent won’t break in the powerful wind. Generally, there are three options here, firstly fiberglass, secondly aluminum, and finally steel.

In fact, fiberglass is the most normal, because it’s the lightest and can bend obviously before breaking.

Though Steel is the sturdiest but it’s also the heaviest, while aluminum is medium. When you stay in a windy area, our advice is you get a beach canopy with a sturdy frame.

Floor accommodation and Height

Needless to say, both the floor size and the height of a beach tent directly affect the comfort you’ll get while using it. In this same way, most beach shelters are designed to accommodate a family of two adults and a couple of children.

Considering the floor space when buying, the tent should be tall sufficient that you don’t have to bend your head while sitting. Moreover, remember that your children likely won’t sit for a long time and need an area to explore and play.

In that case, it’s a good idea to get a tall tent where small children can stand up and move around freely. Additionally, if you have a very large family, a gazebo-style tent will provide all the space you need.

Weight and Portability

In most circumstances, you can not be able to get your car right next to the beach. So, you have to carry both the tent and the rest of your gear from the car to the spot on the beach. For this reason, choosing a lightweight beach tent is a better idea.

Generally, polyester tents with fiberglass frames have the lowest weight. But, these are the least durable in harsher environments. For this reason, it’s best to find a balance and consider before buying where you’ll be using the tent.

Color and Appearance

In fact, there are a couple of things to consider color.

Firstly, darker-colored beach tents heat up in the sun faster, so the temperature inside might be higher. Secondly, a brightly-colored tent will be easier to recognize on the beach.

Ease Of Assembly

when you arrive on the beach, you just want to have your sun shelter ready as soon as possible. Because of this, our advice is you get a beach tent that allows fast and easy assembly.

In that case, a pop-up tent is perhaps the easiest to set up.


Needless to say that lower-priced tents won’t do a better job, Usually, they have fewer features and are less stable in a windy environment.

Moreover, the price also depends on the genre and the size of the tent. In this same way, pop-ups are often the cheapest, but they are also the smallest. Our exclusively mentioned features in every price range, so you should be relaxed finding one that fits into your certain budget.

beach tent

Type Of Beach Tent

Overall, several different types of beach tents can be used at the beach. In fact, some are designed as a beach canopy, while some of the others look more like a real camping tent. At this moment, take a look at glance at all the styles you can use on the beach.

  • Beach Canopy
  • Gazebo
  • Baby Tents
  • Cabana
  • Pop-Up

Benefits of Owning a Beach Tent

Actually, bringing a tent to the beach has countless benefits, in terms of both protection and comfort. Moreover, they are also much versatile, therefore you can even use them outside the beach. We submit a few reasons why getting a beach shelter is a good idea:

  • Safe Spot for Kids To Play: Dear, inside the tent, your child will be fully out of danger and protected against UV rays and sunburn.
  • Ideal Stash for Valuables: keeping your valuables in a pocket inside the tent is much better than putting on the sand.
  • Weather Protection: At the beach, you are completely protected from the sun, salt water, sand, and even rain on occasion, while you have a beach tent.
  • Privacy on the Beach: If you need some privacy on the beach, a tent can allow it.
  • Fast and Easy Setup: Generally, unlike other tents, beach-specific style is one of the easiest to set up.


What kind of  The Best Beach Tent is the best For Babies?

For babies, a beach tent is the best one that properly protects them from the sun. You should select a model with high UPF that will save them from getting sunburned.

Moreover, it’s an extra advantage if your child has enough room to play inside. In that case, we can recommend the Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach canopy tent as an exclusive option.

How To Settle Down A Canopy At The Beach?

You can do this by staking it to the ground, or by weighing it down with sand or rocks. In most circumstances, beach tents provide loopholes, guylines, and stakes, therefore you can easily anchor it in the sand.

How Much is a Beach Tent?

The cost of beach tents can vary meaningfully. This can be influenced by their size, materials, and even the company that manufactures them. Usually, a standard beach tent can range from $50 to $450.

How To Prevent A Beach Canopy From Blowing Away?

The first important thing you must do is anchor down the tent and attach weight to its sides. Additionally, placing heavy bags on the tent floor will provide some more weight and improve wind resistance.
Finally, you can open the flaps on the windows to allow air to circulate. So it can’t pick up the tent.

How can you Fold A Beach Tent?

It depends on the tent model you get. Generally, some tents have a bendable frame that makes refolding easy, like the pop-up tents.
On the contrary, others need to be taken down like a traditional tent.

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