Camping Guide for Beginners

Best camping guide for beginners: In the case of outdoor travel or mountaineering, sleeping outdoors is an indispensable prop. In recent years, there are many different tents on the market to choose from, but each tent has different backgrounds and methods.

Today we will popularize the basics of these tents and the differences between them so that everyone can have an understanding before buying. This is the best camping guide for beginners who are going camping for the first time.

What are the types of camping tents?

Although there are many outdoor tents on the market, there are many types, but according to the shape, there are only three types: dome-type tents, family tents, round-house tents.

Dome tent

Because the shape of the roof is like a ball, it is called a dome-type tent, also known as a yurt-type tent. It is a relatively small tent.

Compared with other types of tents, dome tents are more convenient to install and set up, even if only one person can assemble them. Moreover, because of its small size, it is easier to carry. However, its performance is not as good as other types of tents. In addition, the ceiling height of such tents is relatively short, which makes people feel pressured.

Dome tents are suitable for short-term camping, and this type of tent is the most diverse in the market.

Family tent

Compared with dome-type tents, family tents have great advantages in size. They can even have living rooms and bedrooms, also known as villa-type tents, which are very suitable for long-term outdoor camping.

Compared with other tents, the family account has a wide interior space that can accommodate multiple people at the same time, and the height of the top is also high, which has a high degree of comfort. However, this type of tent is known for its many parts, and its volume is not small. It is somewhat inconvenient to handle. Coupled with how to store these things usually is also very disturbing.

Roundhouse tent

The roundhouse tent is a tent designed by combining the features of a dome tent (yurt tent) and a family tent (villa tent). It is also called a dome villa tent.

The roundhouse type tent has the advantages of the first two types of tents. It is as easy to install as the dome type tent during installation, and the comfort is quite high. Suitable for medium and long-term camping activities.

Although the roundhouse type tent successfully eliminated the shortcomings of the dome type and family type tent, it also caused the volume to be larger than the previous two, and it was much more difficult to store and transport than the first two. Be sure to take this into consideration.

What are the parts of camping tents? Camping Guide for Beginners

Although the current tents are designed to be very convenient, even inexperienced beginners can easily assemble, but if you do n’t know the basic structure and parts of the tent, you will encounter some difficulties during assembly. Let’s talk about the basic structure, parts, and functions of the tent so that everyone can have a better understanding of the tent.

Inner part

The inner account is the inner part of the tent. Depending on the material and size, comfort will be different in actual use. Therefore, you must carefully confirm the inner account when purchasing a tent. Depending on the product, sometimes there are windows or mesh-designed internal tents, and windows and meshes have a significant impact on the airflow inside the tent. Therefore, the ventilation design of the internal tent is also a major concern.


The poles are the most important props combined into tent support. Depending on the number, thickness, and material of the poles, it will directly affect the durability of the tent itself. If you want to choose a durable tent, try to choose as many poles as possible, and the material is strong and tough.

The external account is a tent hanging outside the internal account, which can protect the internal account from wind and rain, and dew condensation. Since the external account will directly contact the rain, pay attention to the waterproof function of the external account when selecting it.

Plug-in, the pull-on, when the stent Neizhang combination with the plug-in and pull-on designs. External design refers to the design that the stand stands outside and supports the internal account by hanging. The inside-through type refers to a design in which the bracket is directly passed through the inner tent and then supported. In addition, there are tents on the market that mix the two support methods.

Account at the end is the most under the tent section. Depending on the material and thickness of the bottom of the account, there will be considerable differences in comfort at bedtime. In some tents, the stitching at the connection with the bottom of the tent is very obvious. Such tents can easily break from the position of the sutures and require special attention. Therefore, when choosing a tent, try to choose a seam that has been treated with a special sealant, which is much more reliable to use.

Camping tents for outdoor camping: canopies and cooking tents

When camping outdoors, you definitely need to cook with fire, so in addition to the tents above, you must choose a tent to cook according to the season, weather and other factors.

There are two common types of cooking tents, sky curtains, and cooking tents. The sky tent is suitable for summer and autumn; the cooking tent, also called the living room tent, is suitable for spring and winter.

Canopy Tent

pop up canopy tent

The general sky curtain is a tent erected by a piece of cloth and multiple hard poles. The main function is to prevent direct sunlight and rain. Therefore, the area of ​​the cloth is quite large, but there is no cover of the side cloth. Unobscured. In addition, due to the simple structure of the sky curtain, the volume is small after being stored, and it is very convenient to carry.

Although the sky curtain looks simple, it can improve the comfort of camping in a straight line. If you place a table and chairs under the canopy tent, you can avoid the sun and rain, and it is very comfortable to enjoy the meals under it.


It is also called a living room tent or a four-cornered tent. Compared with the sky curtain, it is covered with side cloth on all sides, which not only shelters from the wind and rain but also prevents mosquitoes. But novices often find it difficult to set up a cooking account. Although it looks simple and beautiful, it is not easy to be beautiful. In addition to cooking, the cooking account can also be used as a living room account for chatting and enjoying the cool.

How to choose an outdoor tent?

There are many tents on the market. Whether it is a brand or a style, it is dazzling. Even if you choose according to personal preferences, it is still very difficult and difficult to start. Let ’s talk about where to start when facing these various tents.

There are three factors that must be considered when choosing a camping tent: the number of people, how the tent is assembled, and the season of use.


Different people have different tent sizes, so when choosing a tent, you need to consider how many people will use it in the future. Small tents are used by one person, mainly dome tents. Tents of medium size and above can accommodate 2 to 4 people. Generally, when there are 3 or more people, you can choose a house tent with a large internal space.

In actual use, the tent is too large or too small, which may cause trouble in use. Therefore, you must narrow down the selection of the tent according to the number of users when selecting it.

How to assemble the tent.

The tents for outdoor camping are different according to different products. The following types are common.

Quickly open the tent in two seconds. After taking it out of the storage bag, it will automatically open the tent type.

Pneumatic tents, similar in structure to folding umbrellas, can be automatically deployed using air pressure when opened.

Self-supporting tents do not necessarily require camp nails and can be fixed using their own camp posts. Non-self-supporting tents require tents to open and tents to be opened.

If you want to choose a tent that can be set up easily, a two-second quick-open tent and a pneumatic tent are more suitable. However, because this type of product does not require the use of camp nails, it will be relatively inferior in durability, and special attention must be paid when selecting the installation environment.


The tent can be divided into two types: summer and winter. For example, tents in winter have good sound insulation and airtightness. If used in summer, they can easily cause heatstroke. If you use a summer tent in winter, the tent door may not open because it is frozen.

For novice campers, it is recommended to start with a two-second quick-open, air-pressure tent that is easy to install and set up. Even such beginners can complete the assembly in minutes.

In addition, for novices, the portability of the tent is also very important. Before buying a tent, you must first confirm whether your outdoor backpack has enough space to accommodate the tent.

Large and medium-sized tents are not only time-consuming to install, but they are also quite bulky. If you are new to the team, try to choose multiple small tents to solve the situation where you need to use large tents.

What brand of an outdoor tent is good?

There are many tent brands on the market, but each manufacturer is slightly different in the type of preference. Below we talk about several common tent brands.

The North Face

The north face logo

The North Face, an official Chinese translation of “北面” and the folk translation of “North Face“, has a large body. There are many enthusiasts in the world. In terms of outdoor camping tents, dome tents are the main ones. Slammed here to enter the flagship store.


A well-known outdoor product brand in the United States, translated in Chinese as “Kellerman“, its most famous stove, lantern, etc. but the product line is actually quite long, there are quite a lot of coats, clothing, backpacks, etc., and the lineup of tent products is also rich From dome tents for single-use to tents for multiple uses. The sense of tent design is very strong, but there are also many cute tents to choose from. But if there is no flagship store in Ma, the link will not be given.


Logos outing equipment logo

Outdoor product brands headquartered in Osaka, Japan are mainly home camping products, but in recent years, they have also actively developed the clothing and outerwear market. Its tents are mainly multi-person tents, and the lineup of such tents is very rich. If you need to buy a home tent, you can give priority to Logos products.

Snow Peak

Snow peak logo

Like Logos, Snow peak is also a Japanese brand, headquartered in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The most famous in China is its titanium cup. In addition, its sleeping bags, stoves, lanterns and so on are also famous.

Its tents are characterized by excellent durability and comfort, and they are produced from beginners to professional-grade tents, so relatively speaking, it is easy to find products that meet personal needs at other homes. Go buy.

How to set up a tent?

The above mentioned how to choose a tent. Below we briefly talk about how to set up a tent. After all, for beginners who do not have a tent, setting up a tent is not easy. If you want to have a pleasant outdoor camping experience, you still need to have a certain understanding of how the tent is assembled.

1. Make sure the parts are complete

Many tools must be prepared before assembling the tent. In order to successfully complete the assembly of the tent, we must first start with confirming that these tools are complete: camp nails, camp ropes, hammers, the tent itself, the camp pillars

2. Unfold the tent and assemble the camp post first

After the tools are confirmed, the next step is to assemble the tent. First, find a relatively large area to unfold the tent, and then assemble the shortened battalion to restore it to its original length.

3. Pass the battalion through the tent

Then combine the camp pillars with the internal account. You can find the place where the camp pillar can be placed on the inner account. Pass the camp pillar through those positions until the camp pillar completely passes through the inner account, then support the inner account.

4. Assemble the tent camp post to the tent

The next step is to fix the tent with a camp post on the tent. Since the tent is the main shelter of the tent from the wind and rain, be sure to assemble it.

5. Hit the camp nail into the ground

In order to fix the position of the tent, the tent is fixed on the ground with a camp nail. The best way to fix it is to nail the camp nail into the ground at a 45-degree angle inward.

6. Put on the tent

Connect the tent and the tent that has been erected, and let the tent, tent, and tent of the tent be combined together by using the hole in the tent. Finally, as long as the hem of the tent is also This is done by using camp pins to fix the ground.

How is the tent stored?

After using the tent, you should fold the tent into the original tent bag. However, if you don’t notice that the tent is not neatly folded, there is no way to store the tent in a storage bag. Here’s how to store a tent.

How to store the inner tent: First, spread the four corners of the inner tent in the open area, fold the outer side in the center of the spreading inner tent, and then fold the outer side of the inner tent in half to the middle. The position is flattened out in half. Completed after a vertical follow-up with an offset of about 30 cm.

How to store the tent: Hold the place where the rope on the ceiling is stretched (4 places), and then fold it up like a lift. When it becomes trapezoidal, fold the triangular parts on both sides inward. Then, toward the center of the tent, fold the positions of the outer frames on both sides inward again, and complete it after two folds.

Next, as long as the inner account and the outer account are tied with a camp rope, the tent can be easily stowed.

How to maintain a tent?

In order to use the tent for as long as possible, it must be cleaned and maintained before the tent is stored. Because when you use the tent outdoors, it is easy to get dirt and weeds. Clean them before you put them away.

As for the metal buckle, you can clean it with a toothbrush first, and then spray it with an anti-rust spray to extend its life as much as possible.

Final Line:

This is the best camping guide for beginners who are going camping for the first time, how to buy a good tent. I have tried to write everything based on my experience. Hope you enjoy reading my review.

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