5 Best Tents with Electrical Port (ePort) in 2023

Tents with electrical ports, also known as e-ports, are becoming increasingly popular among campers. These tents have a small opening on the side that allows you to bring an extension cord inside without having to unzip the tent. This can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

So, is an e-port needed for camping? It depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you plan on using electronic devices or appliances in your tent, or if you want to create a more comfortable environment, then an e-port is a worthwhile investment. However, if you don’t need these features, then an e-port is not essential.

What is Tent with Electrical Port (ePort)?

A Tent with an Electrical Port (ePort) is equipped with a built-in access point for electrical cords to pass through. It allows you to connect electrical devices, like chargers or lights, from the inside of the tent to an external power source.

tent with e-port

While it’s possible to use electrical devices within the tent, precautions are necessary.

Ensure that all electrical components are safe, waterproof, and comply with camping safety guidelines to avoid risks like electrical shock or fire hazards.

Use battery-operated devices when possible and exercise care when handling cords to prevent tripping or damage to the cord itself.

5 Tent with Electrical Port (Reviews)

Adding an E-Port to a tent gives you access to an extension cord. Here are few camping tents with electrical outlets you will love to bring on your next camping tour:

Eureka Family and Car Camping Tent, 3 Season

eureka family and car camping tent

The Eureka Family and Car Camping Tent is designed for 3 seasons and available in 4, 6, 8, or 12 person sizes. Its cabin style boasts steep walls, optimizing interior space for cot use.

The tent features a robust steel/fiberglass frame with pole sleeves, corner hubs, and quick clips for easy assembly. An extended front porch awning offers additional weather protection. With a peak height of 7 feet and a floor size of 8 feet by 8 feet, it accommodates various group sizes.

Weighing 17 pounds 3 ounces and packing down to 9 inches by 27 inches, it balances spaciousness and portability for enjoyable family and car camping experiences.


  1. Spacious cabin style, perfect for cots.
  2. Durable steel/fiberglass frame and corner hubs.
  3. Quick setup with clips and pole sleeves.
  4. Additional weather protection with front porch awning.
  5. 7-foot peak height for ample headroom.
  6. Sizes from 4 to 12 person options are available.


  1. Weighty at 17 pounds minimum.
  2. Consider space for larger groups.
  3. Pack size is 9×27 inches.
  4. Designed for 3 seasons.
  5. Setup involves pole sleeves and clips.

Coleman Sundome Tent with Charging E-Port

Coleman Tent with Charging E-Port

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, available in 2/3/4/6 person sizes, offers easy setup and essential features for a comfortable camping experience. The WeatherTec system, featuring welded corners and covered seams, ensures waterproofing to keep campers and gear dry.

Enhanced ventilation through large windows and ground vents keeps the interior cool and pleasant. Mesh storage pockets within the tent walls provide convenient storage for small items.

Additionally, the tent includes an E-Port that allows easy access to electrical power with the ability to bring an extension cord inside the tent. It’s a practical choice for hassle-free camping with waterproof assurance, airflow, and accessible power.


  1. Easy setup for quick camping preparation.
  2. WeatherTec system with welded corners and covered seams for waterproofing.
  3. Enhanced ventilation through large windows and ground vents.
  4. Mesh storage pockets keep essentials within reach.
  5. E-Port allows easy access to electrical power inside the tent.
  6. Available in various sizes for different group needs.


  1. Limited space for larger groups.
  2. Ventilation might not be sufficient in extreme heat.
  3. Durability may vary with heavy use.
  4. E-Port’s effectiveness depends on access to power sources.
  5. May not perform well in severe weather conditions.
  6. Setup might be more challenging for beginners.

Ozark Trail Family Camping with Electrical Port Access

Ozark Trail Family Camping with Electrical Port Access

Experience family camping with convenience using the Ozark Trail Six-Person Dark Rest Cabin Tent. Spanning 10′ x 9′, this tent offers ample space and features an electrical port for easy access to power. Constructed from durable polyester, it withstands outdoor conditions.

The tent’s dark interior ensures restful sleep, and its ground vent enhances air circulation. Stay organized with the gear loft and hanging organizer. Standing at a comfortable height, it suits a 5’5″ person.

While rain-resistant and spacious enough for two twin mattresses, it’s ideal for camping and hiking trips. Enjoy darkness, stay dry, and make the most of your outdoor adventures with this accommodating tent.


  1. Convenient electrical port access.
  2. Spacious 10′ x 9′ dimensions.
  3. Dark interior for restful sleep.
  4. Inclusion of gear loft and hanging organizer.
  5. Rain resistance and mostly dry during rainstorms.
  6. Suitable height for a 5’5″ person.
  7. Adequate room for two twin-size mattresses.


  1. Limited information on overall durability.
  2. Potential challenges with extreme temperatures are not discussed.
  3. Material specifics, aside from polyester, are missing.
  4. No insight into the effectiveness of the ground vent.

AsterOutdoor Camping Dome Family Tent

Asteroutdoor tent

AsterOutdoor Camping Dome Family Tent is good for four grownups or a small family of four. This amazing tent with electrical port. will help you connect the electric cord easily. E-port for bringing a power cord through the outdoor tent wall to make your life easy.

For better water resistance, it has 1500MM PU-treated rain fly & included stakes. Such tents keep you and your gear dry during the rainy season. The floor is moisture-proof to make the tent comfortable from below. 

Sky-view roof & dual mesh windows help to experience the outdoors at the same time keeping the insects out. D-shaped larger doors provide easy entry.


  1. Accommodates four adults or a small family.
  2. Convenient electrical port for cord connection.
  3. 1500MM PU-treated rain fly and stakes for water resistance.
  4. Moisture-proof floor for added comfort.
  5. Sky-view roof and mesh windows provide outdoor experience.
  6. D-shaped larger doors for easy entry.


  1. No Ventilation effectiveness
  2. Material quality beyond rain fly treatment

ALPHA CAMP 3/4 Person Camping Dome Tent 

ALPHA CAMP Camping tent

ALPHA CAMP Dome Tent, available for 3/4 people. This lightweight and waterproof tent guarantees a comfortable adventure. With dimensions of 7 by 6 feet and a 42-inch center height, it’s perfect for two individuals.

The interior storage pocket and gear loft aid in organizing small camping gear, while the accompanying carrying bag ensures easy storage and transport. The tent’s spaciousness and mesh pockets prevent clutter.

Additionally, the electrical port access allows device charging, while the high-grade fiberglass pole offers robust wind resistance. Elevate your outdoor experience with this versatile, user-friendly camping essential.


  1. Lightweight, waterproof, and hassle-free
  2. Spacious interior with 7×6 feet and 42-inch center height.
  3. Convenient organization with storage pocket and gear loft.
  4. Electrical port access for device charging.
  5. Sturdy wind resistance with high-grade fiberglass pole.
  6. Available in various sizes to suit different groups.


  1. Tent leaks so much
  2. Very cheap tent

Why You Need E-Port On A Tent?

There are many advantages of the tent with an electrical port:


E-port gives safety for those people who want to use a cord in their tent without any complication. In case of any water in the tent leaking with something & exposed wires from any damaged cord, you can face a very dangerous situation. 

Protect the Cord from Damage

E-ports give a straight connection that keeps the cord intact without bending it too much. If you force an extension cord in the tent where it doesn’t fit, it can result in a torn cord.

Keep Insects and Bugs Out

E-ports give you the opportunity to let the cord in without any risk of a full-on bug situation. With the same lines, running an extension cord via the window may let bugs into your tent to make you uncomfortable.

At the same time, many people fear water in a tent more. Some people who hate getting a bug in their tent. 

Prevent any Kind of Leaking

E-ports are so designed that, in rain, you won’t have rain seeping into the tent. At the time when you run a cord through one of your windows or the door of the tent, it will not seal completely. When it rains, there is always a leaking problem.

Easy Access to the Cord

The main purpose of E-port is to provide easy access to run a cord into the tent. E-port can help you keep your gadgets plugged in easily If you’re visiting someone’s house or near a campground. Rugged campers don’t need this.

How to Add an E-Port to Any Existing Tent

E-port is important nowadays. Get a tent with this facility. In general, many tents come with this facility these days. In case you have an old one, you can convert it to using E-port. Learn first before trying. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the tent. 

Underneath the rainfly on the inner layer of the tent, add a small zipper. You need not to worry about it as the process is very easy. 

Just get a self-adhesive finest quality zipper roll and cut it off 3 to 5 inches worth carefully. Peel out the backing off the adhesive tape. Place it on the tent where you want the E-port to be adjusted. Unzip it so that the teeth are not together.

Cut a vertical line that is nearly half of an inch. Seal up the ends of the tent material carefully so that it doesn’t fray. There you have a custom-made E-port for your old tent. Insert the necessary electrical lead and close the zipper.

Make sure that there is no hole done, otherwise rainwater may get into the tent. The zipper is under the rain-fly and so it is protected from the elements.


Can you have an electric hook up in a tent?

Yes, electric hooks come by default nowadays. Check the user manual for this facility. If you have an old tent, then you may need to set up an electric hook by yourself.  We can’t live without gadgets and they are required to be charged from time to time. 

How do you get electricity in a tent?

Getting electricity in a tent can be achieved through various methods. Thermoelectric generators are simpler but less efficient compared to gas-powered options.

Generators, often fueled by gas or petrol, are popular for off-the-grid energy supply. Alternatively, a pedal generator provides clean energy through human effort.

Solar energy is a cost-free and off-the-grid option for temporary or permanent power. Car batteries are also viable sources. Additionally, battery packs offer portable energy solutions.

What is a power pocket in a tent?

Power Pocket is a pass-through for running an E-cord into your tent. Some modern tents already have these facilities. Many of us don’t camp in such areas that have electrical hookups. but it’s good to have when we do so.

How can I camp without electricity?

If you’re camping in areas lacking electricity or facing challenges in carrying power sources such as generators and batteries, consider these accessories to assist you: Flashlights for illumination, a radio equipped with a high-capacity battery, a lightweight portable fan for cooling, chemical-powered candles for light, and walkie-talkies to ensure communication.

What do I need for electric hookup camping?

You need electricity in a tent for lighting, heating, cooling, charging etc. Buy a damp-free camping electric lead. Feed your electric hook up through the cable entry point of the tent. Keep the socket box off the floor.

Use such appliances that are specially designed for camping. Match the rating of electricity and your devices.

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