Tips for Camping with Kids (best 9 tips)

Tips for Camping with Kids

Have you decided it’s time to try camping? Don’t your kids give up on the idea of ​​spending one or more nights in a tent? Did your wife unexpectedly say yes to this weird idea that you have been carrying for many years? Well, better get ready for the pitch! These are my top 9 tips for Camping with Kids, better face a family camping holiday, especially if with children in tow, here is camping in a tent.

Start with a simple destination

Among the different destinations, choose an affordable one, not so much for the price but for the logistics. The mountain campsite is fascinating, and you already see yourself lying below to admire the stars among pine trees and sharp peaks. Leave it alone.

If it is your first camping with kids, it is better to choose a destination. where it does not rain almost every day and where it is not so cold at night. When you are a little more experienced, it will be a fantastic destination.

Choice of equipment- Tips for Camping with Kids

In the choice of equipment, I speak of tents, stay a little wide. With children, space could be a little reduced, if you opt for the tent when it says 3 people it is considered that these three people sleep there and that’s it, side by side, not that they spend maybe a half gloomy day. Take this into account when choosing your tent.

The rule of the smallest is the more you stay warm it is worth in the mountains, but see above If it has a good height it will allow you to change on your feet if it has a veranda you will have a little more space to fix things. This, seen amazon. it could be a tent suitable for a family of two adults and two children, and perhaps even more!

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Arrive at the campsite

When you arrive at the campsite in the choice of the pitch, pay attention to the ground, if you see areas where the ground is darker, it is an index that when it rains there is water.

Good shading is not bad for protecting yourself from the sun but the black forest will not filter a ray of sunshine when it is needed most, like after rain when you need the stuff to dry. Avoid sloping ground and bring a tool (shovel) to dig a small perimeter gutter in case of rain.

It is not bad to have a toilet brush and shovel in the tent to collect the sand or the earth that inevitably carries inside.

Choose a pitch

Choose a pitch close enough to the toilets, perhaps those equipped for children, the journeys from the tent to the bathroom at night can also be very long, especially with children.

Find a way to engage

Find a way to engage the children with some pastime during the assembly of the tent, at first they will want to help you, and it’s magnificent, but when you notice that it could be more complex than you expect, maybe you could get nervous, and it’s not the best way to start a vacation. Take the bicycle or the ball out of it and let them play for free.

On the campsite

On the campsite, the toilets are shared, it means that it is better that you gear yourself, you and the children accordingly. Slippers for showering, towels, a waterproof bag to keep in the box, maybe a small torch for the night.

Well-equipped for rain

Well-equipped for rain. I don’t want to bring bad luck but it happens that the weather is not magnificent. When choosing the tent, pay attention to the value of the water column that indicates what the level of waterproofing is in mm, the higher the height, the more water it holds.

Possibly do not insert a plastic sheet under the tent, ok you don’t want to dirty it because it is new, but if the rain comes you could turn the tent into a swimming pool due to the pressure between the nylon sheet and that of the tent, the water could infiltrate the middle.

Sleep up from the ground

Sleep up from the ground. Sleeping on the floor recalls atavistic sensations but I don’t think you are used to it, rather than the rigidity of the support you could feel a lot of humidity. Use insulating mats before putting the inflatable mattress, we slept well on this, it would be better to use camping beds that keep you raised off the ground.

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The essential things

Finally, do not forget the essential things for outdoor life. A good mosquito repellent, the rain cape (as the case may be) and a waterproof spare sheet, flashlights for the night, a first aid kit, a camping stove if you plan to cook, a lanyard to dry clothes and beach towels, the sleeping bag is highly recommended even in summer (at night in the pine forest it is chilly) and finally the inevitable camping cot for the little ones, finally used in the right location.

A good hammer and pegs are not bad a little more professional than those who generally put tents in packages that are perfect only for common areas, as soon as you find a stone they are pains.


Tips for camping with kids motivational inspiration. Camping holidays are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. The camping is fantastic whether it’s your own city or abroad, especially with children.

There is a lot of space for them, but it is also a different way of living the holiday, in freedom, closer to nature, it is one of the most beautiful experiences we have had in the family, I would say that it is the family experience par excellence. The final suggestion is to put the perplexities aside and to try this camping in a tent, the children will be happy.

If your any idea on the tips for camping with kids, please inform us. We will attach your important opinion here.

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