Top 10 Camping Spots in and near Killington, VT

Killington, Vermont, is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a plethora of camping spots that cater to various outdoor interests. From wildlife enthusiasts to stargazers and hikers, this region has something for everyone.

Here, I’ll explore the top 10 camping spots in and around Killington, focusing on the rich wildlife, diverse plant life, intriguing rock formations, serene water bodies, picturesque hiking trails, geocaching adventures, scavenger hunts, peaceful stargazing nights, safety, food availability, and proximity to the main city.

Camping Sites near Killington, Vermont

Kent Pond Campground

Situated by the tranquil Kent Pond, this campground offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. You can spot various birds and critters. The lush surroundings are rich with diverse plant life, making it perfect for nature enthusiasts.

There are also rocky areas for exploration. Nearby hiking trails provide an adventure through the wilderness. Enjoy peaceful stargazing nights and perhaps engage in some geocaching.

Gifford Woods State Park

Embrace the beauty of towering trees and discover the local flora. Gifford Woods State Park features enchanting hiking trails and is conveniently close to Killington. You’ll have easy access to both nature and amenities.

Chittenden Brook Campground

Rock lovers, rejoice! This campground near Chittenden Reservoir offers fascinating geological formations to explore. Enjoy a serene camping experience while taking in the scenic beauty.

Nearby hiking trails offer a chance to discover more about the local plants and wildlife. Geocaching can add an element of adventure to your trip.

Branbury State Park

Located alongside Lake Dunmore, Branbury State Park is perfect for water enthusiasts. Spend your days swimming, fishing, or paddling.

The campsite is surrounded by vibrant plant life and offers easy access to hiking trails. It’s a great spot to enjoy both nature and water activities.

Silver Lake Campground

Nestled by Silver Lake, this campground offers stunning water views. Keep an eye out for wildlife along the shores. Explore the rocky terrain or follow the nearby hiking trails for encounters with local plants.

Engage in geocaching adventures and enjoy peaceful stargazing nights.

Chittenden Reservoir Campground

This campground boasts a beautiful lakeside setting with opportunities for fishing and water activities. The area is teeming with wildlife, and birdwatchers will be delighted.

The rocky surroundings add to the charm, and you can explore nearby hiking trails.

Moosalamoo Campground

Immerse yourself in the tranquil wilderness of the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area. This spot is perfect for nature lovers, with rich plant diversity. Rocks and boulders dot the landscape, and hiking trails provide a close encounter with the local flora and fauna.

Lake Bomoseen KOA

Offering a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, Lake Bomoseen KOA is a family-friendly campground. You can enjoy the scenic lake and the vibrant plant life in the area. Stroll along hiking trails or embark on geocaching adventures. It’s a safe and peaceful spot for camping.

Chittenden Brook Campground

This charming spot offers a chance to camp near a babbling brook. The area is rich in plant life, creating a serene atmosphere. Hiking trails allow you to explore the surroundings, and geocaching adds a fun twist to your adventure.

Camp Plymouth State Park

Located on the shores of Echo Lake, this park offers water activities and scenic beauty. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot various birds and creatures. The nearby hiking trails are perfect for exploring the local plants and rocks. It’s a peaceful spot with convenient access to necessities.


Killington, Vermont, and its surrounding areas provide an array of camping experiences. Whether you seek wildlife encounters, botany exploration, geological wonders, serene waters, or hiking adventures, these campgrounds offer it all

Engage in geocaching, scavenger hunts, and peaceful stargazing while relishing the tranquility and safety of these natural havens. Enjoy the convenience of food availability and proximity to the main city, making your camping experience near Killington truly remarkable.

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