CORE Dome Tent 6 Person [Review 2023]

Are you looking for a 4-backpacking tent for camping? No, problem, you are at the right article. Stay with me to know properly about the 4-season tent and select the best one. It is the best time to buy an excellent and developed tent. CORE Dome Tent 6 Person 11′ x 9′ is one of the best tents in the market nowadays.

Are you actually looking for an attractive 4-season camping tent? CORE Dome Tent 6 Person 11′ x 9′ will give you much pleasure than your imagination. It is sure that this will surely fill your expectations. CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11′ x9′ is a very amazing 4-season backpacking tent among the backpacking tents. It is the highest standard tent.

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Why CORE Dome Tent is the best tent?

CORE Dome Tent is a very hard and durable backpacking tent. This tent is made flawlessly keeping all the benefits of a trip in mind. Materials for making this tent are really highly developed. It is a matter of joy that, any person can manage to operate this 4-season camping tent. You can easily replace and pack this camping tent. Which saves much time.

Further, this tent is a very favorite tent to all because of its high technology and features. You can easily replace it because of its less weight.

Most importantly, this tent is so attractive and fascinating that you would desire to buy this tent at first sight. Every part of this 4-season backpacking tent is very durable. So, you can use it for a long time. You can use this tent in winter, summer, monsoon, and spring as it is applicable almost for every season. The inner part of this tent is so wide that its height is 72inch. As a result, you can move it easily. This backpacking camping tent is an amazing tent.

No doubt, this camping tent will work as your expectations. If you are expecting for a tent which will bestow upon you with fulfilling enjoyment, then don’t worry at all and order this CORE Dome Tent 6 Person 11′ x 9′ as soon as possible. It would be the best decision for you.

Why you would desire to buy Dome Tent?

Friends, I guess a set of questions is nosing out in your mind that why you would desire to buy this Dome 4-season tent. Isn’t it? Yes, and it’s normal. Read my article, then you’ll get your answers. And you would wish to buy this camping tent without any hesitation. You must look for such a 4-season tent which will sustain you from worry and you will be able to buy that securely. There is no reason to worry at all because this will remove your tension.

Really this unthinkable backpacking tent is applicable for everyone. This tent is appropriate for every season. In other words, every object of this tent will catch your mind and will give you relaxation.

Enjoy camping with CORE Dome Tent

This 6-person tent of Core Company is a very famous tent in the market. This company is showing its adroit work for years. So, regarding as a trustworthy company you can accept this CORE Dome Tent 6 Person 11′ x 9′ backpacking tent securely. Mainly, this is the best product by Amazon.

CORE Dome Tent 6 Person

What are the best features of CORE 6 Person Dome Tent?

Is it possible that you would be able to travel successfully without an excellent and attractive camping tent? No, it’s not possible. Isn’t it? Yes my dear friends, so, I’m telling you that it will fructify as your pre plannings. I’m trying my best to give you the right concept about this tent so that you can select the best tent. Let’s see what kinds of features exist in this tent.

Great design:

If you want to go on hiking with family or friends then CORE 6 Person tent will be a formidable invest. Because this is an attractive design will give you and your family much pleasure. Similarly, the doors and the windows are very beautiful and bigger in size.

There is a system for keeping the lamp inside. There is some pocket for holding little necessary things. Air and light can easily blow inside and out. Even the color is also fascinating.

Sufficient space:

Space inside this tent is so wide that 6 people can sleep together in this tent. The center height of this tent is 72 inches. Its technology is very high. Most of the people like this outdoor tent because it is made newly. So, this camping tent is the best tent amongst the backpacking tent.

Easy to set up:

You must know that everyone wishes to set up a backpacking tent easily. Any person can set up this CORE Dome Tent 6 Person 11′ x 9′ very easily in a short time. As you can set it up speedily so you can enjoy much while hiking materials of this family camping tent are of very high quality so it is very durable. Poles are also very durable.

Core 6 person tent, set up & take down

Weather Proof:

Do you know that if you purchase this 4-season backpacking tent then you would be able to travel successfully according to your scheme? This backpacking tent will save you from the storm, rainfall, extreme wind, and snowfall almost in all-season like summer, monsoon, spring, and winter.

In addition, hooks used in this 4-season backpacking tent of Core Company are very durable and strong. These hooks are attached to the poles in such a way that it can hold out the tent with the soil strongly.

As a result, no hostile weather can harm the tent and it strongly clings to the soil. It gives much protection to the parsons positioning inside.

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Good price:

As CORE Dome Tent 6 Person is so attractive and durable, likely price is also less comparatively, if you purchase this camping tent you would be able to save much. This tent is very standard and low-costly than the other 4-season tents in the market so any person can keep it in his budget.

High performance:

Friends, I know that you have already understood about the performance of this Dome tent because I have already informed you about this 4-season tent superbly.

In addition, this tent is so cozy and protected that it is acceptable for all. Further, its price is nothing before its performance. So, friends, you must already understand that which tent you should select to purchase for camping. Core Company is an aged and reputable company. All the products of this company are of high quality. So the value of this 6 Person Dome Tent doesn’t need any description.

Moreover, many people want an excellent camping tent but don’t want to invest much. For those, this tent is obviously appropriate. From this point of view, the Core Company has made this tent. So, you are getting this high-quality backpacking tent at fewer prices.


  • Quality: Best
  • Product Dimensions: 25x7x7 inch.
  • Center Height: 72 inch
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Price: Very reasonable
  • Condition: More comfortable.


  • 100% Satisfaction.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Good Price
  • Sufficient Space.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Complete package.
  • One (1) year warranty.


  • It’s a little more weight
  • Limited warranty.

Core 6 person dome tent – 11′ x 9′ Manual

Download PDF Manual


Question-1: Is this an instant tent?
This is not considered an instant tent. Even though its design is simple and quick, the frame is not pre-attached to the body of the tent. There are several Core instant tents, however. They will have the word “instant” in their names, for easy identification.

Question-2: Can all the windows and doors be zipped closed for privacy.
Yes, all the windows and doors can be either zipped closed or covered by the rainfly for privacy.

Question-3: Does this tent have a hinged door?
This tent has a D-Door on the front, with a mesh window and zippered polyester backing for privacy. The door is not hinged.

Bottom Lines:

For a pleasant trip, CORE Dome Tent 6 Person 11′ x 9′ is your best choice. Because this tent is one of the best tents on Amazon. You can set it up easily.

Alongside this, it has some extraordinary features also. Because of its amazing qualities, you can easily purchase this tent.

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