12 Best Pop Up Privacy Tent of 2023

Pop up privacy tent is great for use as a changing room, shower room, toilet, or just a place to get away from the sun or rain. It will give you privacy in crowded places like campsites, campgrounds, beaches or the backyard.

You can use a privacy tent as a camping or beach shower room, outdoor toilet, dressing room, hang up clothes, etc.

In a hurry? See my recommendations Pop up privacy tents in a quick comparison table:

Image Product Features Price
Overall best: Green Elephant Camping Shower Privacy Tent
β‡’ Very lightweight
β‡’ Size:
3ft 11in x 3ft 11in x 6ft 10in
β‡’ Material: Polyester, steel frame
β‡’ Weight: 5.5 pounds
β‡’ Includes: Carrying bag, Pop-up Tent, Tent Pegs, Sand Bags, Metal hooks, Rain Cover
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Runner Up: WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent
β‡’ Good Sun Protection
β‡’ Size:
3ft 9in x 3ft 9in x 6ft 2in
β‡’ Material: 190T polyester
β‡’ Weight: 4.8 pounds
β‡’ Includes: Shower Tent, Carrying Bag, Rain Cover, Bottom Mat, Tent Stakes
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Best Budget:
Giga tent Pop up Privacy
β‡’ Good ventilation
β‡’ Size: 3ft x 3ft x 5ft 7in
β‡’ Material: Polyester
β‡’ Weight: 3 pounds
β‡’ Includes: Carrying Bag
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Best Luxury Pick:
Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent
β‡’ Good privacy, no shadow
β‡’ Size: 55″ w x 55″ d x 86.5″ h
β‡’ Material: 200D Oxford cloth, steel
β‡’ Weight: 13 pounds
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Best Multi-use:
G4Free Privacy Shelter Tent
β‡’ Removable top rainfly
β‡’ Size: 47.2 x 47.2 x 86.6 Inches
β‡’ Material: 210T silver coating
β‡’ Weight: 4.8kg
β‡’ Includes: Carrying Bag, Shower Tent, Tent Stakes, Wind Ropes
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Best Oversized Shower Tent:
KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent
β‡’ 2 Room
β‡’ Size: 83.8Γ— 41.7Γ— 82.6 inches
β‡’ Material: Polyester, Alloy Steel, Fiberglass, Fabric
β‡’ Weight: 17 pounds
β‡’ Includes: Carry Bag, Nylon Ropes, Reinforced Stakes
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What is a Pop Up Privacy Tent?

A Pop Up Privacy Tent is a portable and easy-to-assemble shelter designed to provide a private space during outdoor activities like camping, beach trips, and other outdoor adventures.

what is pop up privacy tent

Typically made from lightweight materials, these tents are designed to “pop up” and be set up quickly, making them convenient for on-the-go privacy needs.

Pop Up Privacy Tents offer a secluded area for changing clothes, taking showers, or simply relaxing away from the public eye.

They often feature zippered doors, windows, and mesh panels for ventilation while maintaining privacy.

These versatile tents can indeed provide a level of privacy in various outdoor settings, helping users maintain modesty and enjoy personal moments while surrounded by nature or in crowded environments.

Benefits of a Pop Up Privacy Tent


  • Provides privacy: Pop up privacy tents are great for providing you with privacy when you want to relax in your backyard. They can also be used to create a private area for you to entertain guests.
  • Blocks out the sun: If you are trying to stay cool in the summer, a pop up privacy tent can help block out the sun’s rays. This will keep you cooler and also help prevent sunburn.
  • Protects you from the elements: If it starts to rain or the wind picks up, you can take shelter in your pop up privacy tent. This will keep you dry and protected from the weather.
  • Is easy to set up and take down: Pop up privacy tents are very easy to set up and take down. This makes them perfect for use in your backyard.


  • A privacy tent can provide a private changing room for guests in an event. It can be used as a private restroom.
  • Also, this type of tent can provide a private area for VIPs. A privacy tent can be used to create a private party area. It can provide a private area for business meetings.


  • Using as a changing room: In outer places, we often need some privacy besides the main tent. We need to change dresses with privacy. The main tent might be congested with people. At the time of changing before and after swimming, it is very useful.
  • Using it as a shower room: If you attach a shower head through the top of the privacy tent, you can have a good shower. There are some built-in shower facilities available in the market. Some tents have overhead water storage facilities. You just need to pour water in it. It will give you a home experience.
  • Using as a store room: Use your main tent for just living purposes. Keep your extra gear in a private tent to keep the main tent neat and clean. Keep clean clothes over there. Store food related stuff as they smell, especially raw fish. Gas, kerosene and petroleum are flammable and should be kept there for your own safety. 
  • Using as a Portable Toilet: At the time of using the washroom, we definitely need some privacy. Some private tents are specially made for this purpose. They have inlets for proper ventilation. After use, the waste management system successfully gets the job done. 
  • For convenience: Such artificially made tents are light in weight. They can be carried to camping places easily. Pops up and shuts down easily. It would be better if there was a bag with it. 


  • Provides privacy for people who want to change clothes or use the restroom in public places. It can be used as a dressing room for people who want to try on new clothes in public places.
  • A privacy tent can be used as a changing room for people who want to change into their swimming suits in public places. It can be used as a place to take a nap in public places.
  • A privacy tent can be used as a place to breastfeed in public places. It can also be used as a place to store belongings in public places.

Best Privacy Tents for Shelter, Camping & Events

There are many great privacy tents on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are a few of the best:

Giga Tent Privacy Pop Up Tent

gigatent pop up privacy tent

The GigaTent Privacy Pop Up Tent is a portable and convenient solution for creating personal space outdoors. Designed for camping, beach trips, or events, this tent sets up quickly with its pop-up mechanism.

It offers privacy for changing clothes, taking shelter from the sun, or enjoying solitude. The tent features a zippered door and windows for ventilation while maintaining seclusion.

Its lightweight design and compact storage make it travel-friendly. The GigaTent Privacy Pop-Up Tent is a versatile choice to enhance comfort and privacy during outdoor adventures.

It contains heavy-duty materials, so, durable and carries a bag with it. Size 20″L x 20″W x 2″H.


  • Quick and easy pop-up setup.
  • Provides private space for changing and relaxing.
  • Zippered door and windows for ventilation.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Versatile for camping, beach trips, and events.
  • Compact storage in a carrying bag.
  • Enhances comfort and privacy during outdoor activities.


  • Limited customization due to pop-up design.
  • Potential learning curve for initial setup.

Wolfwise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

Wolfwise pop up privacy shower tent

Wolfwise pop up tent offers a versatile solution for outdoor comfort. This portable shelter is designed for camping, beach trips, and various outdoor activities. With its pop-up design, it sets up quickly and effortlessly, providing a private space for changing clothes, taking showers, or even serving as a portable toilet enclosure.

Equipped with a zippered door and mesh windows, the tent balances privacy and ventilation effectively. The durable construction and water-resistant materials enhance its suitability for diverse weather conditions.

The tent’s compact fold-down size ensures easy storage and transport, making it an ideal companion for any adventure. The WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent is a practical choice for those seeking convenience, privacy, and functional design in one compact package.

Be sure to consult user reviews and specifications for a comprehensive understanding of its performance and features.


  • Quick and easy pop-up setup.
  • Versatile use for changing, showering, and portable toilets.
  • Zippered door and mesh windows offer privacy and ventilation.
  • Durable construction for various weather conditions.
  • Water-resistant materials.
  • Compact and portable fold-down size.
  • Suitable for camping, beach trips, and outdoor events.


  • Limited space for extended activities.
  • Pop-up mechanisms may have a learning curve.

Green Elephant Pop Up Utility Tent

Green elephant pop up toilet tent

The Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent is a versatile outdoor solution that offers convenience and privacy. Designed as a pop-up changing tent, it caters to various needs like camping, outdoor showers, and portable toilets.

With its effortless pop-up mechanism, it sets up swiftly, providing a secluded space for changing, showering, or using a portable toilet.

The tent features a zippered door and mesh windows that balance privacy with ventilation. Constructed for durability and resilience, it stands up to different weather conditions. The compact foldable design ensures easy storage and portability, making it a practical companion for outdoor adventures.

The Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent is a multipurpose essential for those seeking comfort and privacy while enjoying the great outdoors. For a comprehensive assessment of its features and performance, refer to user reviews and product specifications.


  • Quick and easy pop-up setup.
  • Versatile use for camping showers, changing, and portable toilets.
  • Zippered door and mesh window offer privacy and ventilation.
  • Durable construction is suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Compact and portable fold-down design.
  • Multipurpose functionality for outdoor convenience.


  • Privacy may be compromised by windows and mesh.
  • Potential concerns about long-term durability.
  • Might not provide adequate insulation in colder climates.

G4 Free Privacy Shelter Tent

g4free camping shower tent

The G4Free Camping Shower Tent is a versatile outdoor companion designed for convenience and privacy. This portable pop-up tent serves as a dressing room, changing space, portable toilet enclosure, and rain shelter.

Its easy pop-up assembly ensures swift setup, offering a secluded area for various activities during camping and beach outings.

Featuring a zippered door and windows, the tent balances privacy and ventilation effectively. Crafted with durability in mind, it can withstand different weather conditions. The tent’s compact, foldable design allows for effortless storage and transport, making it an ideal addition to outdoor adventures.

The G4Free Camping Shower Tent combines functionality with portability, offering a private space for campers and beachgoers to comfortably change, shower, or use portable facilities. To better understand its features and performance, consider consulting user reviews and product specifications.


  • Versatile use as a changing room, portable toilet enclosure, and rain shelter.
  • Durable construction suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Compact and portable foldable design.
  • Multipurpose functionality enhances outdoor convenience.


  • Supported not for heavy water big hanging
  • Limited interior space for extended activities.

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent

vadalido outdoor shower changing room

The Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent is a versatile and convenient solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking privacy and comfort during camping trips, beach outings, or other outdoor activities.

This portable shelter serves as both a changing room and a shower tent, offering a secluded space to change clothes, shower, or attend to personal needs.

Designed with durability in mind, the tent features high-quality materials that are water-resistant and sturdy, providing protection against the elements.

The spacious interior accommodates individuals of various heights, while the well-placed ventilation windows ensure proper airflow.

Its easy-to-assemble design makes setup a breeze, requiring no complex tools or lengthy processes. The compact and lightweight nature of the tent makes it highly portable, fitting into a convenient carrying bag for hassle-free transportation.

The Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent combines functionality, convenience, and privacy, making it an excellent addition to any outdoor adventure where maintaining personal space and comfort is essential.


  • Versatile design for changing and showering.
  • Water-resistant and durable materials.
  • Spacious interior with suitable ventilation.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Compact and lightweight for portability.
  • Convenient carrying bag included.


  • Limited information on long-term durability.
  • Zippers might require careful handling.
  • May not provide adequate insulation in colder climates.

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy Tent

lightspeed changing room

The Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent offers quick setup through a compression hub and telescoping poles. With an 800mm PU-coated fabric, it’s water-resistant for wet conditions.

The tent features a spacious D-shaped door, adjustable floor, towel strap, amenities pockets, and a solar shower shelf. Two zippered mesh rooftop windows enhance ventilation. Dimensions are 5’W x 5’D x 6.75’H when open, and it packs down to 40.94″ x 6.3″, weighing 13.02 lbs.

It includes tent stakes, guylines, and an oversized carry bag. This versatile tent serves as a changing room, camp shower, toilet, and privacy space. Proper setup is ensured with threaded hooks and guylines for hanging shower bags.


  • Quick and easy setup with compression hub and telescoping poles.
  • Water-resistant 800mm PU-coated fabric for wet weather.
  • Spacious D-shaped door for accessibility.
  • The adjustable floor can be clipped up or down.
  • Towel strap, amenities pockets, and solar shower shelf.
  • Two zippered mesh rooftop windows enhance ventilation.
  • Versatile use as a changing room, camp shower, toilet, or privacy space.
  • Comes with tent stakes, guylines, and an oversized carry bag.


  • Limited information on long-term durability.
  • Setup might require some practice.
  • Solar shower bag not included.

Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Room

alventor shower outdoor tent

The Alvantor Shower Tent offers a spacious 4’x4’x7′ design, comfortably accommodating all sizes. Constructed with premium Teflon-coated fabric, it ensures durability and a luxurious experience.

Folding down effortlessly, it fits into a compact 20.8″ diameter storage bag for ultimate portability. The 300D poly-oxford fabric boasts Teflon coating for water, tear, oil, and dirt resistance, along with UPF 50+ UV protection.

Enjoy airiness and a sky view through the mesh top, while the removable PVC top cover adds waterproofing. With included stakes, guylines, and sandbags, windy conditions are no challenge.

The PE floor maintains cleanliness for your belongings. Elevate your outdoor activities with this versatile, well-equipped tent.


  • Spacious interior comfortably fits larger individuals.
  • Premium Teflon-coated fabric is water, tear, oil, and dirt-proof.
  • Innovative folding method for easy takedown and portability.
  • Mesh top offers ventilation and a sky view.
  • Removable PVC top cover enhances water-proofing.
  • UV protection with UPF 50+ rating.
  • Accessories include stakes, guylines, and sandbags for stability.
  • PE floor maintains cleanliness.


  • Long-term durability might require further evaluation.
  • Assembly process might take some practice.
  • Limited information on extreme weather resistance.

DalosDream Pop Up Shelter for Cold Weather

Dalos dream cold weather portable tent

DalosDream Pop Up Shelter for Cold Weather – a versatile solution for immediate protection. This lightweight, portable pod effortlessly pops up and folds down in seconds.

Engineered for one person, it’s ideal for fishing and a range of outdoor sports such as football, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey. Designed to brave the elements, this weatherproof sports tent provides a shield from both the sun’s rays and rainy conditions.

Enhance your outdoor experience with quick, reliable shelter tailored for your comfort during various activities.


  • Quick and easy pop-up setup.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Suitable for cold weather conditions.
  • Versatile use for outdoor sports and fishing.
  • Provides shade from the sun.
  • Offers shelter from rain and weather.
  • One-person capacity for personal use.


  • Limited space for accommodating multiple people.
  • May not offer substantial insulation in extremely cold conditions.
  • Durability in severe weather conditions needs further evaluation.

KingCamp Dressing Changing Tent

KingCamp  Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent

The KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent is a versatile solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed as a portable changing room and shower privacy shelter, it offers water-resistant and waterproof qualities.

The pop-up design makes it easy to set up, while its Oxford fabric construction ensures durability. With a maximum height of 75 inches, it accommodates tall individuals comfortably.

This tent is suitable for camping, hiking, and various outdoor activities during the summer, fall, and spring seasons. The black-silver coated color adds style and UV protection to shield against the sun. Embrace convenience and privacy with this reliable shelter on your outdoor adventures.


  • Versatile single/double shower and changing room.
  • Water-resistant and waterproof design.
  • Portable pop-up construction for easy setup.
  • Provides UV protection in BLACK-Silver Coated color.
  • Suitable for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities.
  • Oxford Fabric construction enhances durability.
  • Accommodates tall individuals with a maximum height of 75 inches.


  • May lack advanced features like separate compartments.
  • Setup might be more complex for first-time users.
  • Limited information on long-term durability in rugged conditions.

Your Choice Portable Shower Tent

Your Choice Privacy Tent

“Your Choice Privacy Tent,” a versatile pop-up solution for various settings. Standing at 6.2 ft tall, this portable shelter offers adaptable functionality for camping, changing, or showering.

It boasts exceptional ventilation through two zipper windows that can be closed for added privacy. The tent features a roof with a zipper window for light, ventilation, or showering purposes.

Its thoughtful design includes a towel strap, a storage bag, and two straps to secure a showerhead. Enhanced stability is achieved with 4 stakes and supporting ropes.

The double-open large zippered door ensures easy access, while the no-floor design maintains cleanliness. Effortless portability is assured with the included carry bag, making it a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • 6.2 ft tall for comfortable space.
  • Two zipper windows offer ventilation and privacy options.
  • Roof zipper window provides light, ventilation, or showering.
  • Towel strap, storage bag, and showerhead straps included.
  • 4 stakes and supporting ropes enhance tent stability.
  • Double-open large zippered door for easy access.
  • No-floor design maintains cleanliness.
  • Portable with included carry bag for convenient packing.


  • Limited insulation in colder weather.
  • Windows may compromise privacy when open.
  • Setup might require practice for optimal assembly.
  • Long-term durability in various conditions needs evaluation.

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent

kingcamp oversize space shower tent

Sometimes we need an oversized shower tent for heavy people. KingCamp oversize outdoor shower tent is the best choice for them.

You can use the KingCamp Pop-up tent foldable & portable privacy in public places, such as a park, pools, beaches, campsites, forests, mountain areas, poop, or national parks, this pavilion easily installs with its high-quality carrying bag. Installment outside of the home can be enjoyed with much pleasure.

The high-quality material of the KingCamp Pop-up tent is foldable & portable privacy tent 190T polyester with 1500mm PU coating making the camping pavilion more durable and more sturdy. Used for a long time besides this effective ventilation and air circulation.

Therefore, the air and light circulation was easy inside the tent. The tent is easy to set up as to exit. Setup is as easy as an exit for extra coverage. The out zipper door to close. It can effectively block harmful UV rays making this a great shelter against the sun.


  • Oversize space for added comfort.
  • Versatile use as a shower, changing room, or toilet tent.
  • Equipped with a floor for cleanliness.
  • Easy setup process for convenience.
  • Offers privacy in outdoor settings.
  • Durable Oxford material construction.
  • Available in options for 1 room or 2 rooms.


  • Potential for complex setup for first-time users.
  • Additional accessories not mentioned (stakes, guylines).
  • Its costly


Are privacy tents worth it?

Yes, privacy tents are worth having. They help us in many ways while camping outside. If you want home-like facilities, then you definitely need it. They will give you as much privacy as you need.

Can I buy a pop up privacy tent second hand?

Yes, you can buy a second hand pop up privacy tent. It should be noted that if you are a regular camper and want to have the fullest comfort, then move on to buy a new one. Some online based portals sell used ones. Try to buy it after seeing it first. You may need some repairs to make in some cases.

How can I fold up a pop up privacy tent?

Grab your tent at the opening facing you. Then grab the sides of the entrance. Now fold the left side of the tent down to the ground. Repeat it for the right side. Then bring it down on top. After that, hold them together. The tent will make an oval shape.

Do shower tents have floors?

We can have 2 types of tent floors. One is fixed and the other one is removable one. A lot of varieties are available for removable ones. But in the case of a fixed one, they keep our feet clean all the time. They protect us from bugs but are less efficient at draining water.

Do pop up privacy tents come with warranties?

We can have different types of warranties that manufacturers offer. Some of them carry craftsmanship warranties. The manufacturer will replace/repair damages that are caused by defects in the build of the frame. Read the levels carefully about the warranties in detail.

Can I take a pop up privacy tent when I go backpacking?

Yes, you can take a pop up privacy tent when you go for backpacking. Many pop up privacy tents come with a bag. They are lightweight and can easily be backpacked. After closing the tent, they cover very less amount of space.

How windproof are pop up privacy tents?

There are varieties of privacy tents available in the market. They differ in size, shape and activities. In general, they can handle average types of windflow. To handle heavy wind, you need to dig the soil deeply. Anchoring is important for proper resistance of the wind.


Pop-up privacy tents offer a convenient solution for creating a personal sanctuary on demand. Their effortless setup and takedown make them versatile for numerous uses.

Whether it’s changing attire, taking a quick rest, or seeking an escape from daily commotion, these tents provide the desired tranquility.

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