Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent Review

This Browning Camping Big Horn Family versatile tent is made of polyester. Actually, you would find this large hunting or family size tent easy to assemble as it contains with a three-pole design. Moreover, with steel and fiberglass structure, it provides a strong yet lightweight shelter in the wilderness or anywhere. The tent contains a wall partition to make two rooms inside.

Short Brief of Browning Family Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family tent is good for families generally of 4 to 6 members who wish to camp out. Many campers have used this tent for weeks and months in several weather conditions. After all, except in extremely worse conditions, the tent holds up perfectly in rain, wind, and other weather elements.

In the same way, the tent provides easy opening system. The tent-body contains the clear and concise written instructions. So, this ensures that you do not lose the instructions ever. On the contrary, even novices also can set up the tent using the instructions alone. The height of the tent supports even tall guys to be easily settings and they can get a spacious rooms inside.

Features of Browning Big Horn Tent

Easy to assemble because of its free-standing design.
The tent can be assembled with steel uprights and 3 fiberglass poles.
Two doors make it easy to enter the rooms.
The tent contains a wall partition.
Ventilation is perfect with six windows.
It has storage pockets of mesh.
With steel stakes and guy ropes.
Made of polyester
The fly is also made of polyester and can resist sun damage.
Fly and floor is factory sealed therefore provides great weather protection.
There are large zippers on the doors
Sidewalls are straight to easily cot place inside.

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Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy, strong and Lightweight
  • Enough room for two different quarters inside.
  • Floor and wall protection
  • Sufficient space for cots.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Storage and window outlets are enough.
  • Ideal for a family of 4 to 6 members.


  • During heavy rainfall or flood, floor protection might be inadequate.

Who Can Use This Tent?

According to space, the declared capacity is 5 people. The dimensions are such that you can be able to fix 5 pads on the floor, but this can work only if you are with friends. In the case of camping, this is a tent for two people, for a pair of campers, or for parents with a kid.

According to weight, with 21 lb this tent is everything but lightweight, however, this is not a big deal. In fact, this is a car camping tent and it is comfortable, so it is not supposed to be carried at any place.

According to Climate and seasons, this is a 2-season tent that best suited for a warmer environment, like summer, late spring and early autumn. The ceiling has all mesh therefore you will not feel great if you use it in winter. Where is talking about comfort, this is a reputable tent in total.

Finally, the tent fly protects the ceiling only but the walls are waterproof. The construction is sturdy but this is a very tall structure and there are not sufficient stake points.

Compare With Others 5 Person Tent

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Materials and Construction


Here they have used a combination of steel for the four legs, and fiberglass on the roof. In fact, this is a simple construction with plastic joints on the top, fully self-supporting, and freestanding. But such a roof is not for snow accumulated after all.


The fly is designed to resist UV damage and stays taut, but they does not provide the waterproof rating. The floor is a much sturdier 150D polyester oxford with 2000 mm coating. After all, all the seams on the fly and the floor are factory-sealed that is really properly done, so the tent is very dependable.

Remember that the inner panels on the windows have zippers, therefore you can fix them as high as you wish for privacy and protection.


What season is the tent design for?

Well, this is a 3 season tent, but at 40 degrees you can still be comfortable.

How easy is this tent to set up?

 One can set up it easily. It’s much easier with two people for the first time.

What colors is this tent?

Definitely tan and brown

Conclusion On Browning Big Horn Tent

When you are considering the Browning Camping Big Horn family tent you might as well consider the abovementioned similar tent products that contain more floor space as it has about eight people accommodation.

Moreover, there is a built-in closet that provides shelves and hanger bars. You can simply arrange clothes and other gear. With such an elaborate interior design, it is even easy to set up as there are preattached color-coded poles. all customers appreciate the snag-free clip suspension and fast-fit features. 

It also provides a Weathertec system to keep water out. The mentioned points help you compare the several features of two other products apart from the Browning Big Horn family camping tent. It is heavier than the other tent products.

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