Marmot Limestone Camping 6 Tent (Review)

The Marmot Limestone Camping 6 is the kind of tent you can rely on. Generally, we like to stay in roominess and comfort with the double zippered front door and front vestibule. Overall, the added zippers make the Limestone so much more versatile than most tents in this category.

In fact, you won’t be frustrated with the Limestone 6P, but it doesn’t quite, match the competition. 

Marmot Limestone Camping 6 Features, Pros, Cons & Compare

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  • Perfect height and volume.
  • With full protection.
  • Extremely easy setup.
  • Freestanding.
  • keeps things cool and airy.


  • Little bit expensive.

Compare with Others 6 Person tent

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Top Features of Marmot Limestone 6 Person Tent

The good news is, Like many tents in this category, the Limestone 6P would perhaps be a little bit tight with six full-aged people inside. Though Three or four would find it plenty spacious. The Limestone does come in a little small at 83.3 square feet, . Really, this isn’t a big deal unless,  you’re trying to squeeze six or more fully grown adults into it.


Intelligently gear pockets spread throughout the Limestone, with one in each bottom corner, one under each door, and a couple more in opposite corners up high.

Additionally, the ceiling and the upper walls have full mesh, giving you the choice to air things out, get an excellent sky view, or just let in more light.

We also conspired by the quad-zippered front door. Marmot puts two zippers on the opposite sides of the door going around to meet the others.

What this allows you to do is to make double access, or, by constructing up a divider across the middle, a double room that is kids on one side, adults on another.

Comfortness Marmot Limestone Camping tent

The Marmot Limestone Camping 6  has a double zippered front vestibule that opens up for you to be creative with that place.

In fact, you can use it as a standard vestibule, storage space for shoes or something, and gear out of the rain or other weather. You can wind up the front panel but put the sides down to enjoy the view while still defended from the wind.

In the same way, with the help of some hiking poles and a couple of guy lines, you can even pull the front portion out vertical to create a sun-shaded portico. 

The Marmot Limestone Camping 6’s veranda is fairly small. There isn’t a pole that stretches out into that front portico to add more space and room.

Moreover, the size of that front, a rectangular part of the vestibule very wide and doesn’t offer a ton of cover, but we think it’s, however, a super feature and one that you’ll get a ton of use out of.

Atmosphere Resistance

The Limestone’s rain fly gives magnificent coverage. The sides go to the floor, and it is tightened where it connects to the poles to keep all taut and skilled on the outside, keeping you dry on the inside. While also keeping it out of the elements, you also have a nice vestibule to keep anything dirty out of the main tent. 

Additionally, the vestibule could be bigger. It goes out about three feet, but slop down from the top of the door, meaning it’s magnificent for storing gear, but possibly won’t add to your personal idle space. 

Marmot Camping 6 Person tent

Again, like so many other classifications of the Limestone, it’s not that the vestibule is very smaller insufficient, it’s just not deluxe. It’s significant. You’re just not going to invite your neighbors over to hang out when the weather turns ugly.

Moreover, as for heat, the Limestone has a large segment of mesh both on the front and over the entire ceiling of the tent. With the rain fly on, Marmot adds velcro vents that can simply be popped up to support to get out the top of the tent. It will not be a problem to keep things cool and airy.

Easy Setup

After all. with a duplicate cross-pole set-up, along with two tiny poles that pull the side walls out to a more tensioned, semi-vertical, the Limestone is extremely easy to set up. Overall, it shouldn’t take more than 7-10 minutes from the car to accomplish.

Though we have a slight issue with the fly the ends of the two side-wall poles stick out from the main body of the tent, and the fly has a desire to get hung up, to extend it over the tent possibly frustrating.

It is not a big problem, because if you have a helping hand to pull the fly over the top of the tent, it shouldn’t be a big deal. It just isn’t as sleek as some of the other similar tents in this classification.

Package magnitude

The Marmot Limestone Camping 6 provides a fairly standard, open-ended, a tube-style storage bag. That means you’ll have to be a little careful about folding and rolling up to fit back again in the bag. 

That’s not so necessary, and Marmot made at least the bag generous enough size-wise that you shouldn’t have to be a perfectly methodical master to make it fit. Nor you should be jumping up and down like an overstuffed suitcase at the end of a trip.

Marmot Limestone Camping 6 Package

It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. Certainly, the Limestone is adequate with its user-friendly packing designs.


The Limestone 6P offers a friendly price and quality well. In a brief, it’s not cheaply made, but it’s not the ultimate top of the line either. Its price fixes its quality and function pretty well. You won’t be disappointed with it at all, and finally, you won’t feel like you paid too much for it. That’s a good price.


1. Does the rainfly over the door have zippers to hold it down when closed?

Answer: Yes, it has a zipper overlapping material with Velcro to prevent water.

2. Is this tent contain any chemical coatings?

Answer: I don’t think the Marmot would sell a tent with harmful coatings. There is some sealant on the tent because it is water-resistant.

3. How many doors and vestibules does this have? 

Answer: This tent has two doors and only one vestibule.


Marmot Limestone Camping 6 is a great and excellent tent. It provides all the features you want. Overall, the colors are modified. Actually, you get Green Shadow or Moss and Orange Spice or Arone colors.

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