ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter tent (Review)

If you are searching for the best tent for winter then the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter may be your best choice. So, without wasting more time let’s know about the best alps mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter tent for you. 

Believe it or not, we have spent 96 hours to search the outstanding excellent quality tent then finally chosen the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter Tent to review. While, there are hundreds of great quality tents available for several seasons. But, we very carefully picked the best among the bests considering the fantastic features and excellent built quality that you need to survive in very cold weather.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter tent Features, Pros, Cons, Compare

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  • Easy assembly with free-standing two-pole design, aluminum poles and pole clips
  • Polyester tent fly resists water and UV damage
  • Great ventilation and easy entry with mesh roof and two doors
  • 2 key upgrades: oversized #10 door zippers and a heavy-duty nylon oxford floor
  • Base Size: 8′ x 10′, Center Height: 72″
  • Total Weight: 13 lbs. 5 oz.
  • Minimum Weight: 12 lbs. 5 oz


  • Free-standing tent
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Mesh roof and two vestibules for ventilation
  • Durable polyester material
  • Long-lasting aluminum poles and pole clip
  • Long-lasting and nylon-based floor with a thick coating
  • To easy access, it has two heavy-duty doors and zippered windows


  • If you are planning for summer, it’s not really suitable.

Actually, ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter has 2 key upgrades. oversized #10 door zippers and a heavy-duty nylon oxford floor. The 10 door zippers provide you a lifetime of smooth operation and an excellent oxford floor, which is about twice the weight of normal nylon floor material, which will especially increase the stability of your tent.

Now, for your understanding about this ALPS mountaineering tent, we will explain in detail every single portion about this tent. In this article, we are going to explain why this tent is your best choice. So, read and learn.

Compare with Others 2-5 Person tent

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Why do you trust this review?

Dear camper, if you search google, you would find hundreds of articles about this item. At last, what makes us special among them that you should trust us? From a reader’s perspective, it’s very important to answer first! 

A big gang of my friends is travelers. They often plan for a trip like hiking, camping, trekking, skiing, mount climbing and lots of mountain actions all over the year. For that purpose, they use diverse types of tents. Therefore, they always share with me which tent gave them the utmost, pleasure, comfort and warmth in extremely cold weather.

For example, a few days ago, for their last trip, they have used this ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter Tent for their camping. This tent gave them an excellent experience that they can’t wait to share it with me.

Thus, we will provide you the faithful and reliable information based on my friend’s gang experience and knowledge. So, we can say, you can trust our review to achieve exceptional knowledge.

Why is your best choice ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter?

As you know, brand value is very significant to get excellent quality products. In the same way, you would be glad to know that ALPS Mountaineering is a leading brand in camping and hiking products. 

After all, this company has been consistently designing and producing great quality tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks with advanced features Since 1993 in this business. 

The target of this exceptional brand is, producing only stable and high performing tents at an affordable price. No matter what the price of the product is, they maintain this quality in each of their items and the user can purchase undoubtedly.

So, not compromising with the quality and bringing new innovations in features make the ALPS Mountaineering a faithful brand to the original campers even today.

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The marvelous Design

When it comes to excellent camping, the model, design, and features of the tent are very important for comfort, pleasure, and accommodation. Generally, a traditional dome style is thoroughly preferred.

After all, considering this point, this tent is also designed in a dome style.  To fix a modern feature in a traditional tent, this tent contains a full-coverage fly. Moreover, if you also search for a dome style tent, then the ALPS outfitter tent is only for you.

On the other hand, if you are inside the tent, sometimes you need a place to keep organized. So, to store little things in a limited place, there are small purses in the tent wall. Moreover, to keep your a backpack or others like a bag, and other materials, you can use the vestibule as storage.

Afterward, all features, keeping uniformity with nature, the tent carries a light olive color. In a brief, we appreciate this feature because when you are at the camp, security is a leading factor. When the tent is too flashy or vibrant color, there may get attracted by dangerous animals.

Exclusive Size and interior accommodation

Exclusively, nothing can be more enjoyable than staying in a group in a tent. Additionally, it’s also a matter of safety. So, we always prefer this ALPS tent which is suitable for 5 people. On the other hand, you can move around inside the tent easily, gladly, and comfortably.

Besides, it can accommodate five sleeping beds inside the tent. So, it will help you to keep the internal environment warm and comfortable. But, if you are planning to use this tent for summer in this similar way, it’s not really suitable. Because you need space for ventilation.

Therefore, if you need a broad tent for a group trip in winter or tolerable season, the ALPS Taurus 5 outfitter tent can easily accommodate you with proper airspace.

An absolute Build quality

If you need a perfect tent to survive in winter, it must be sufficiently dynamic to stay steady in stormy wind and snowfall. When you have this tent, there’s nothing to worry about. Because it is made of strong and stable and weather-resistant polyester material with a urethane coating. In that means this will help you to stay safe and dry in crazy weather. 

On the other hand, the exterior construction quality is marvelous, the tent also contains a thick nylon oxford floor. Because it’s very necessary to keep you warm then stay away from the cold or water from the ground.

Besides, the poles are made of aluminum too. This feature makes the tent light and heavy-duty at the same time. Whereas its aluminum, there not to worry about rust or decay.

Completely Weather resistant

In the same way, another great factor a tent must-have is weather-resistant quality. One of the capacities of the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter Tent is, it’s enough decent for all season. So, it’s designed and built considering different seasons. 

In total, the construction is very suitable for all seasons. It automatically protects you and your tent from the stormy wind. Moreover, the vestibules are given that leave it open during summer for excessive airflow. On the contrary, during winter, you can keep them shut to get warmth. 

Completely Weather resistant
Completely Weather resistant

Long-lasting Material

When we say a tent is durable, mostly it’s due to the materials used in the construction. In they use ALPS outfitter tent fabric, polyester with a urethane coating. For your kind information, polyester is a potential and long-lasting fabric used for the longevity of a tent. In addition, the tent floor is more priority to ensure comfort. 

Though the tent fly is made of polyester, the floor is made of nylon oxford with a thick coating that become strong and long-lasting. Besides, to ensure stability, all the seams are sharply sealed. Even the tent zippers are of great quality. Moreover, each zipper is big enough and comes with a plain operating puller.

Long-lasting Material

Pleasant Ventilation

In any summer or winter, without a proper ventilation system, you may dangerous suffocate in extreme weather conditions. In that case, the ALPS mountaineering tent is very much comfortable that you can get open airflow with vestibules in summer.

On the contrary, it has two vents on the fly top. You can leave it open in all seasons.  From my friend’s gang experience, I like to say the ventilation system of the tent is excellent. Because. it’s very comfortable to use in any season or any weather condition.

Maximum Durability

In reality, the durability of a tent depends on various factors that starting from the material, structure, and maintenance. It has already these factors perfect individually.

Considering these features and our gang experience, we can say the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter Tent is a strong and durable one. Moreover, you can casually use the tent in all seasons and in different weather situations.

Best Quality doors & windows

As the tent accommodates five persons, it must have easy access, enough light, and sufficient air. Therefore, this tent comes with two doors on opposite sides.

Moreover, it contains mesh and panels for light and airflow. When you want, you can open for air ventilation or zip them up when needed.

So much User-friendly

As a definition, the user-friendliness of a tent depends on how easy to set up and carry. In that case, this tent is definitely a lightweight and portable one. According to the tent set up, it’s a semi-freestanding tent.

Additionally, you can set up easily the tent using the inner tent and frame. Here one thing like to mention is, if the weather is moderate, the tent is a stable and free-standing one. It is also a quick set up tent.


1. Is this a free-standing tent that once set up two people can pick it up and move it without any collapse? 

Answer: Two people can smoothly pick it up and move it.

2. What are the dimensions of the carrying case?

Answer: It can fit in a supplied stuff sack that is 25″ tall, 11″ in diameter.

3. Can a single person set this up easily?

Answer: Though it is not easy but possible.


Finally, we have reached at the end of the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 5 Outfitter Tent review. We tried to provide honest opinions and information that help you have the right tent for your next camping. 

According to all the features and gang-experience, we can say it’s one of the strong tents that you like to have in your collection for small or professional camping tours. Definitely, it compared to the extraordinary qualities.

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