Kelty Sequoia 4 Review: Best 4 and 6 Person Camping Tents

Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person provides all the comforts of family camping with enough space to stand up and jump around. It is a perfectly new tent on the market.

Moreover, it looks like a cabin type tent although the main poles are little zig-zag. But keep it noted that it comes with a full-coverage fly and a vestibule, and this makes it different from other cabin type tents.

In any case, the Sequoia 6  is a very livable shape with 82 inches (208 cm) inner top height. Also keep note that this is a double-layer construction, with an inner tent and the fly.

The Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person tent is freestanding, but having the fly with a massive vestibule, you will have to stake all this down in order to make it fully functional.

Kelty Sequoia 4 Review


  • Best for: 4-6 Person
  • Seasons: 3
  • Material: Polyester

Who is Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 person for

According to Size, the announced capacity of Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person tent is 6 people. The inner floor ground is 87 ft² (8 m²) which makes it 14.5 ft² (1.33 m²) per person. 

Therefore, they have used the backpacking principle to describe the tent’s capacity. But you have a large vestibule here, and this is what makes it different from most of the cabin tents; the vestibule adds 42 ft² of the fully sheltered area for storage of your equipment, shoes, etc.

This adds to its livability, and in view of this, the very decent capacity of the inner area does not look bad at all.

The total roofed area per person becomes 2 m² and that makes the tent reasonably suitable for 6 people. Though most people would not use it for more than 4 people.

According to Seasons, such a design makes it comfortable for any weather in a 3-season use. Moreover, the full coverage fly will protect you and your equipment completely. The packed volume is actually great, 26 x 10 inches, so you can transport it even by a motorbike.

After all, it will be a great instrument for a group of friends on a motorbike tour. Even the weight is 23.875 lb or 10.83 kg, then this is a camping tent for places with a motorized approach.

Materials and structure of Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent

The reliable poles

The great news is the poles are made of thick steel and its very reliable. You have 4, plus 2 brow poles which create the walls vertically and this all increases the livability of the interior space.

The exellent fabric 

At first, the inner tent is largely a net, so this is heavier for airflow and also to combat condensation. Secondly, the fly is with a massive vent on the back so this should help against tents sweating.

However, they should have added one or two additional vents. After all, the floor is 68D polyester and the same material is the mighty fly that you can see below. Actually both are with a waterproof rating of 1800 mm.

All seams are taped, hence you definitely have all the urgent protection you need.

Internal area

There are hanging mesh pockets for each habitant, for small gear or clothes. Moreover, you also have an integrated ‘Night Light’ pocket that you will use to put your headlamp and this will create ambient light.


How tall is this tent?

Actually 6 feet inside standing up.

Have this tent a foot print?

No. unfortunately it does not.

Does this come with a carrying case?

Actually, it comes with a duffel style bag for caring.

Final Thoughts

According to the above speech, one door for Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person tent may not sound good. Though it is very towering and vertical due to the brow poles then getting in and out is easier. You can feel one vent might not be enough if you use the tent in a warmer climate.

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