Best Family Camping Tents of 2023

Camping is a way of giving strength to the bond between family and friends. In the same way, it is a way of just getting away from familiar surroundings and enjoying some time with loved ones. The best family camping tent will make your happy moment more colorful.

When you plan on arranging an outdoor camping trip, then the best family tent is obvious in your camping checklist. Overall, a comfortable tent for you and your family is a key part of a significant trip.

But, there is a large range of the best family tents to select from, all with different features. Therefore, how do you analyze the very best family tents from the crowd?

Well, in this essay, I will introduce you to the best family tents from 3 persons to over 10 person needs.

Top Pick

Coleman 8 person Tent for Camping

Coleman Montana Family Tent for 8 Men

The Coleman Elite Montana tent is one of the best family tents. It is weatherproof, double-thick fabric, strong frames. Easily set up within 15 minutes.

  • Extra weather protection
  • Simple and fast assembling
  • Much cheap tent for its quality
  • Best for family tent for 8 persons

Our Top Picks

How to choose the best family camping tent

Before settling mind to buy a camping tent, there are some factors require to consider and we will discuss them briefly.  In bellow here are some beginner tips for buying an accurate family tent for your trip.

Size of the family

Size is the premium factor to think about when purchasing a tent. We advise you to buy a family tent that is larger than required. For example, if you are a family of four, you’ll find a 6-person tent to be more advantageous. In this same way, for a 6-person family, select an eight-person tent.

Material choice

Honestly, if your trip demands hiking, then you might be carrying your tent on your back. In this case, you might want to buy a tent made of lightweight material. Moreover, you must think about the weather you are likely to face during your trip. So be sure about the tent is made of weather-resistant fabric.

Size of tent

Actually, the size of the tent is far different from the size of the family. Here we mean the peak height of the tent and cross-sectional area of the base. For example, two eight-person tents could have different quantities of space. You must consider if your kids stand or sit comfortably within the tent.  If it comes to size and style, there are two main options, cabin tent or dome tent.

Overall Design

This included the extra bells and whistles, extra features, and bonuses that come with the tent. You should pick a family-size tent that fulfills your needs and offers more value. Without it, some features are included: roof vent, rainfly, mounting hardware, durable zippers, ease of installation, and lamp mounts.

10 Best Family Camping Tents Reviews

1. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

Actually, the Coleman Sundome is a 4 person tent and comes in a dome-style design. Additionally, it is spacious with a base measuring 9 x 7 feet. The height measures 4 feet 11 inches at its center peak. This tent will fulfill your expectation with its ease of set-up. Honestly, you can assemble this tent in less than 10 minutes all thanks to its continuous pole sleeves.

About family tents, ventilation is a priority and the Coleman Sundome exactly provides large windows and a ground vent. Overall, the WeatherTec system and welded floors ensure you are kept dry always.


  • The superlative ventilation
  • Simple assembling
  • Lightweight
  • Variety Color options
  • Cheap


  • Only 4 feet height that means limited freedom of movement inside the tent

2. Coleman Instant Cabin 4 Man Tent

The Coleman Instant Cabin is a cabin tent. It is manufactured for 4 persons. Additionally, the base measures 8 x 7 feet and a 4 feet 11 inches peak height. If a simple setup is a priority, then this tent should be at the top end of your list.

You can assemble within 1 minute. Moreover, the tent also provides storage pockets and waterproof floors. The WeatherTec system, patented welded floors, and inverted seams always keep the tent warm and dry.


  • With Darkroom technology
  • According to its cabin style provides more inner space
  • Easy of setup
  • Weather-resistant
  • Affordable


  • Because of 4 feet height, it limits movement

3. Coleman Evanston Dome Tent for 6 Man

The Coleman Evanston dome tent provides a carry bag for easy transport. Overall, it is one of the most sorts after 6-person tents. The inner space is a large giving area to accommodate 2 queen size beds. The base Measures 10 x 9 feet with a peak height of 5-foot 8 inches.

In spite of its size, you can get it fully assembled within 15 minutes and it just gets easier as you get familiar with it. Moreover, the rainfly is well vented ensuring the tent always remains cool. It also features a weatherTec system making it appropriate for all-weather. The patented welded floors and inverted seams always helps keep the owners dry.


  • Larger than the ordinary 6-person tent
  • Simple assemble
  • Weather-resistant
  • Perfect height
  • Much affordable
  • An additional screen room allows bug-free lounging


  • Actually not as durable as other tents of the same class and pricing

4. Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Dome Tent

Honestly, one of the largest 6-person tents, the Coleman weathermaster tent would be the accurate choice for a family of five. In fact, the inner space measures 11 X 9 feet with a peak height of about 6 feet. Actually, it is more sturdy than others so take up to 20 minutes to assemble. It features a screened-in room which comes with an additional sleeping area.

Just like other modern family tents, the weatherTec features contain a tub floor and welded corners making it rugged for any weather. Moreover, the protected seams and covered zippers make it waterproof. After all, it’s all well ventilated since it features a rainfly and all enough openings necessary for a 6-person tent.


  • With storage pockets
  • E-port for the electric power inlet
  • With screen room for bug-free lounging
  • With high-quality polyethylene floor
  • With 2 Hinged doors for easy entry and exit


  • Heavier than ordinary 6 person tent

5. Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent for 8 Person

Actually, Coleman Tenaya cabin tent has all the extra bells and whistles you could desire for.

The interior is fantastic. It’s an 8 person family tent with a simple set up. You could install it in less than 10 minutes after a little practice. Moreover, the tent features a built-in closet that acts as a wardrobe with shelves. It also provides hangers to keep you more organized.

If space is a preference, then this tent is worth a look. Overall, the base Measures 13 x 9 feet with a 6 foot, 8 inches peak height. The inbuilt closet takes up 2 x 2 feet. Like to most of the tents, it also provides a WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams all helping to keep you dry no matter the weather outside.


  • Simple and fast assembling
  • With 3 color options
  • Large closet with shelves and hangers
  • With hinged door for easy entry and exit
  • Rainfly added
  • E-port for the electric power inlet
  • Large space and enough height
  • It provides room divider for privacy


  •  Little bit heavy

6. Coleman Elite Montana Family Tent for 8 Men

The Coleman Elite Montana tent is one of the best family tents. It comes with an included carry bag for easy transport and storage.

It’s manufactured to accommodate 8 persons with sufficient space for movement. Moreover, it can advantageously take 3 queen size air bed. The good news is you can stand upright anywhere in the tent. The base measures 16 x 7 feet with a 6 feet 2 inches peak height. Even though it’s strong, you can set up it in 15 minutes.

Now about the exterior design, elite Montana has an elaborated door awning helping to keep the useful gear safe and protected outside the tent. It contains a weatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seam keeping you warm and dry.


  • Simple and fast assembling
  • High peak height
  • Much cheap tent for its quality
  • Enough space for 3 queens sized-beds
  • With extended door awning
  • Ultralight family tent for 8 persons


  • Actually, windows are too high making the room stuffy during hot weather

7. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Camping Tent

It’s easy to say that this is the best 8 person tent that is affordable for the size and quality.

We’ve got a waterproof tent on our hands. Polyurethane coated polyester fabric is the best waterproof fabric available at a budget price.

But, just because it’s waterproof doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for you. In fact, the large footprint is heavily absorbed by the large screened-in porch area. Though it has a waterproof rainfly over it, the walls aren’t waterproof. You can only sleep out there in good weather.


  • Large screened room
  • Sheltered campsites where rough winds are not likely
  • Large porch space is ideal
  • Affordable
  • Best for 8 persons


  • The walls aren’t waterproof

8. Browning Camping Big Horn 9 Person Tent

The browning camping big horn makes it into our unique list of best family camping tent because of its extraordinary features. It’s a dome tent with accommodation to shelter 9 people.

Made from stable materials, it’s sturdy design ensures it can withstand in complicated weather conditions such as storms and heavy downpours.

The browning camping bighorn is a large tent that includes 2 rooms, 2 doorways, and 6 windows leaving you with enough ventilation. The base measures 10 x 15 feet with a height of 8 feet 7 inches. Since, the upright hight is sufficient so you could stand and walk in any corner of the tent.

Additionally, some of its extra features contain mesh storage pockets, guy ropes, polyester fly, and steel stakes. With its size, it’s still a lightweight tent and ease of assembling.


  • Rugged with polyester oxford floor with a coating
  • Enough ventilation system
  • Can be divided 2 room tent
  • Low weight enough
  • Fiberglass poles and steel for stability
  • Weather-resistant


  • Actually it’s an expensive tent

9. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This tent has an opportunity to divide into 2 rooms. It’s particularly designed to advantageously accommodate a family of 9 persons, though a 7 or 8 person family will feel all the more convenient.

Additionally, you can fix 2 queen-sized beds and then remains sufficient space for movement. Since it is 6.5 feet peak eight, movement is easy and comfortable enough. The base measures 14’ x 9′. Moreover, it is light despite its size.

If you like to have electrical power in your tent, this tent ticks that box as well, with the electrical cord access port which is closable when idle.


  • Included accessories such as rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag
  • Sufficient Lightweight
  • Simple installation
  • Fixed ground vent
  • Can be divided into 2 rooms
  • wall storage pockets


  • After disassembled, very tough to fit back into a carry bag

10. Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Dome Tent

Another the best family camping tent in the market, that is a classy tent with the Mountain Trails Grand Pass. It is a large camping tent. In fact, it’s a dome tent that takes up to 10 persons.

It features an exclusive system that makes it easy to set up, so you can assemble it in 15 minutes. Actually, the base measures 10 x 18 feet. It can be partitioned into two rooms having 2 doors.

The design is fantastic with mesh roof vents provides ventilation. Moreover, the frames are made from Shock-corded fiberglass which provides strength. The floor is made from polyethylene with welded seams.


  • Much lightweight family tent
  • Sufficient large and spacious
  • Simple assembling
  • Can be divided into 2 room
  • Much affordable tent
  • Standard frames made from fiberglass


  • There are no proper openings for ventilation

FAQs about the Best Family Tents

Which is the Best Family Camping Tent Brand?

There is a huge number of the best family camping tents brands in the market. But Coleman takes the best prize. Actually, they offer the most versatile and quality products.

Which is the Best Large Tent for Family Camping?

After going through lots of features, Coleman made it our best brand. According to your family size and budget, any Coleman product would just be great for your camping trip. But, obviously, you should check out the tent’s extra features before making a decision.

Which is the Cheapest Large Camping Tent for Family?

If you have a low budget and looking for the best yet affordable large camping tents, then we would suggest Coleman Sundome which can accommodate 4 persons.

Are these tents suitable for hiking?

These are too bulky for hiking or backpacking. When you’re looking to take the family backpacking, you can find 4-person backpacking tents that will work for you.

What about to use my tent in the snow?

Obviously, you can use your tent in the snow.

Top Pick

Coleman 8 person Tent for Camping

Coleman Montana Family Tent for 8 Men

The Coleman Elite Montana tent is one of the best family tents. It is weatherproof, double-thick fabric, strong frames. Easily set up within 15 minutes.

  • Extra weather protection
  • Simple and fast assembling
  • Much cheap tent for its quality
  • Best for family tent for 8 persons


As you have read our extraordinary and fantastic article which has written by a specialist and analyst, so you have already learned enough about the best family camping tent.

If you are looking for a perfect size camping tent then consider the pros and make a final decision. According to mention above, we hope, you will find the accurate one for you here.

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