Camping tent buying issues

Camping tent buying issues:

What to figure out when buying a tent is undoubtedly a universal question. Almost, I have to hear this question from different people. Some may say that the tent is too small to fit inside, some say that the weight is too much, some say that everything is fine but why the price is so high, some are in a fiction to explain the three seasons, four seasons, etc.

It is not that anyone can be blamed separately in this regard. The responsibility for the whole thing is actually our ignorance about it. Just as those who are selling have less opportunity to inform, those who are buying are also in a condition of disarray due to so many options in the market.

Small tents, big tents, three seasons, four seasons, different brands, etc. The situation of the people who are embarrassed to buy tents is really delicate.

And today’s writing is aimed at making the people who are embarrassed into intelligence. Therefore, let’s not be too delay to know what things to keep in mind when buying a tent.

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Why and where to buy a tent to use?

First of all make sure you know about the need to buy a tent. Do you really need to buy a tent? If so, why do you need it? Are you going to buy a tent for a night hobby camping somewhere near only or are you involved in regular climbing, hiking, tracking, or similar adventure activities! Are you tracking or climbing the snow-capped mountains or is your destination a tropical jungle or mountainous area? Winter, summer rains are all your choice for camping, or is it the main goal of your camping to find a touch of coolness on a very hot day? Please hold back from buying a tent until the answers to these questions are matched. For the time being, read this article to the end. 

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What kind of weather or environment do you need your tent for?

No matter where you plan your camping on any forest, river bank, beach, you can safely buy a three season tent made of fiber pole and rain resistant nylon fabric.  These tents are equally effective in these three seasons of sun, rain or foggy winter season. Summer tents provide good support here, but there is a risk of getting wet due to fog during the winter as there is no rain or water resistance system.

Here is a small tip, if your budget is low or if you already have a summer tent in your collection. We can help you make your summer tent rain resistant. We hope that the issue of three seasons and summer tents has become clear to you so far and you have also understood that summer tents are comparatively cheaper than the three seasons. 

Now let’s talk about four season tents. In addition to the summer sun, rainwater, and winter fog, these tents will protect you from snowstorms, blizzards, and sudden thunderstorms. Suppose you camp somewhere in the Himalayas or somewhere high above the sea level where the wind speed is likely to increase at any time, your only hope is a four season tent. Made of highly durable nylon fabric, aluminum poles, and the right alpine shell, the Four Seasons tents will be a shadow of safety over your head just like your dream home on the way to the mountains. 

What will be the size and weight of your tent?

The answer to this question is probably the easiest in this article. If you can drive to the camp, you can close your eyes and buy the largest family tent available in the market. A variety of well-designed three-room, four-room, dining space, tiled verandah, ample space for your family members and your pet needs, etc. The huge tent weighing fifteen to twenty kilograms can be any of your best choice in which you can really stand up. 

However, if this is the case, then the real problem starts when you have to break the ups and downs of your tent and your backpack with all your belongings on your back. Decide on the size and weight of your tent, keeping in mind how many people will be in the team, how long the plan can be, what kind of items you may have to carry, etc. If you are single then single person, if there are two or three people in the group then you can buy two, three or four people tents.

Camping tent size

Backpacking and ultra-light backpacking tents:

Without the large family tents, almost all three-season, four-season, or summer tents on the market are usually called backpacking tents. These tents can weigh from 3 kg to 5 kg depending on the size. If you want to get rid of this weight problem, you can choose the ultra-light backpacking tents of all the famous brands. They usually weigh from less than one kg to three kg depending on the size.

But yes, the price of these ultra-light backpacking tents is three to four times or more depending on the brand compared to ordinary backpacking tents. Therefore, it is very important to think about the health of the purse.


I hope that everyone understands by then what things should be kept in mind while buying a tent. If you still have a question or if you think something has been left out, let us know in the comment box.  We always try to answer all your questions.

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