The Russian-Bear Hot Tent: Best Dome and Best Instant Tent For Camping

The Russian-Bear Hot Tent is a marvelous instant-setup double-wall formation, Dissimilar to any other tent on the market. Moreover, it’s decent for all seasons and all climates, with two doors and two windows, additional a lot more.

What about the Russian-Bear hot tent?

This camping tent is so full of lovely features that it is difficult to formulate an appropriate short designation that would describe it perfectly. So, in that case, Amazon sells under the name given in the title, but you have to know that this is about three tents with different sizes so you have:

  • Tent for 3 persons without a stove. 
  • 5 persons without a stove.
  • And 8 persons without a stove.

Russian-Bear Tent Features, Pros, Cons, Compare


  • Incredible features
  • Full protection
  • Very easy to use
  • For all seasons
  • Hinged door
  • For extreme weather


  • No other than just It’s heavy

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Compare with Others Winter tent

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They call the Russian-Bear Tents UP tents series, just to introduce the terminology. Actually, they have several more tents, but those mentioned above are available globally moreover on Amazon-US and you can have these all at the same place on Amazon. Here the floor plan of the three exclusive tents is shown in this picture below, and in the same sequence as mentioned above:

In brief, this technical term may be confusing because the 5-person tent is actually the UP-2 tent on the other hand the 8-person tent is in fact the UP-5 tent.

All the Russian-Bear Hot Tents have the same exterior shape, but obviously there is a size difference. But, they have accessories and they sell the same tents with the package. In that means you can purchase them with a wood-burning stove included in the package, and with an insulated floor layer. 

At this moment, I’ll describe the primary exact configuration given above, which means I shall focus on the certain tent with the stove jack then I shall use the 5-person tent aka UP-2 Tent as an example.

Lightly Explanation of features

Firstly, to start from its general shape, The Russian-Bear Hot Tent is a single-room dome-style tent and is also completely freestanding.

However, it provides incredibly many guy out points and guylines additionally many stake points and stakes, so do no mistake fixing it to the ground. Actually, there are all good reasons to include it in the list of best dome tents.

On the contrary, this is also an instant-setup-tent, and that means the durable frame is preattached to the tent and you can expose it as an umbrella. Only one can easily set The Russian-Bear Hot tent up in just a few minutes.

In the same way, this applies to any of the three sizes. For this reason, Everyone wants to include it in the list of best instant tents for camping.

After all, this Russian-Bear Hot Tent included a Stove Jack is also a fully 2-wall tent in the best sense of this word. Therefore you have an external shell plus an inner tent.

With all its features as you can see below, still, without the wood-burning stove, after all this is one of the best examples of a cold-weather tent, and also a true winter tent.

Russian Bear Tent

With 5 Layer windows

After all, What you can see in the model of the windows here, you should never see in any other tent. As an example, the windows have 5 layers in total and these include the following:

First, there is an external flap with Velcro. Note that you have a stiffener called support bar added here so this flap can be raised and supported that you can keep it open as a vent.

Second, underneath it, it has another translucent solid window with Velcro closure. To get direct sunlight, roll up the mentioned external flap and fix it above. Moreover, there are toggles in place for this motive. After that, the tent has a solid PVC window free. well, this solid window is also with Velcro that you can roll it up as well to get to the third layer which is inside.

Third, additionally, the PVC window can also be permitted by the stiffener and applied as a vent. In fact, this transparent polyvinyl-chloride layer can be used up to -58° F (-50 C).

Finally, the third layer is again a fabric and it is dressed with a zipper. Apparently, to have the unlimited sunlight through the mentioned solid window, then it is necessary to roll up this third inner layer as well.

Remember, all three mentioned layers on the windows are a part of the external shell tent. But, when you enter the tent, you have the inner tent, and the windows have 2 additional layers:

  • 1. So the first layer on the window from inside is a zippered liner.
  • 2. When you uncover this innermost layer, you can see a zippered bug net layer.

Remember again what said above. In a brief,  this is incredibly impressive and it never saw anything like this. Moreover, you have two windows with such a design.

A mind-blowing Awning

Again, It has a removable awning with toggles on the top of the tent so you can detach it in stormy weather. Moreover, you can roll the awning to the side of the door.

Two big enough doors

The doors are equally impressive, positioned on the opposite sides. Each door has a 3-layer structure. 

First, an outer panel with a zipper. It keeps safe by a flap all around, and this flap is with an elastic. It is a part of the outer shell tent.

Second, there is also a full-size zippered mesh door.

Russian-Bear Hot Tent floor
Russian-Bear Hot Tent 3 layer floor

Finally, it has a taffeta inner zippered layer.

The door with the hinge: The information is you can roll all three layers to the side and settle them with toggles. Moreover, it has a folding and removable hinged door contained in the package that make it ready in seconds, by unfolding and pressing. There are 4 pre-attached poles compacted into its structure moreover it has a semi-inflexible handle. In fact, this is yet another brilliant detail here.

In fact, this hinged door combines to the door opening by Velcro, and the before mentioned flap with elastic. It goes all around the opening protects the hinged door from elementary power.

With a Stovepipe jack

This is a dual stove jack. In that case, you have one from outside and another from inside. Because the tent has two separate walls. A fire-resistant material is surrounding the opening so the tent is safe up to 1200 degrees. The two rings are made of stainless steel.

Internal details

If you see from inside with open the door, you see one of the windows and in the center is a removable fire-retardant material that attaches by Velcro underneath the mentioned stove jack. Besides, this is a fabric surrounded with silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees. 

For more information, the floor contains a zipper that attaches around so if you wish you can unzip it, to clean for example, or you unzip it partly and have some extra ventilation.

How to Setup it

It is very easy to raise the Russian Bear hot tent. Actually, it is designed to instant setting with all the frames pre-attached to the tent. So firstly, you extend the tent, secondly, unzip the door and thirdly, step inside through the door, and finally, raise its central bar then slide the roof along with it just like opening an umbrella.

Russian Bear hot tent Full preview & Setup

A brief of Stake-points and guyout points

The Russian Bear hot tent is an octagon-shape and it has one stake-point on each of its 8 corners. Equally, there is also one stake point in between, in that means 8 more stake points.

Moreover, it has tens of guyout points with guylines on different levels from the base to the top, therefore, you can settle the tent and make it stable in any elementary conditions.

The carrying bag and what’s inside

According to everything else with this tent, the carrying bag is exceptional too, that built of strong material and decorated with two very wide adjustable carry straps so that you can carry the tent as a backpack. Additionally, it also has straps surrounding it to compress it better. Moreover, there are dual compression straps on both ends as well.

On the other hand, the long zipper opens the bag fully so that it is very easy to pack the tent again. Moreover, it has a hinged door inside.

It has also an inner pocket where you get those removable tent’s pouches, guylines, an extra small bag with steel J-shaped stakes that 24 in total. Even there is also a knob that you use while removing the central pole in the tent. Additionally, it has a bag with repair parts.

What about Ventilation?

The Russian Bear hot tent has plenty of mesh openings, so if you miss them here is the list:

  • Each of the doors has a full-size zippered mesh.
  • Each of the windows has zippered mesh layers.
  • Moreover, there is also a separate low vent with mesh, with a panel with Velcro from inside. You can close it if you feel cold.

You can note that those mesh parts are removable so you can wash them when the camping is over. As said above, the floor can be unzipped that you can have as much ventilation as you wish but be alert, this is not optimal because any insects can get in.

Actually, there are no roof vents, but the two windows are available designed to serve wind naturally. Here, you have already seen that it has support bars therefore you can keep them open as vents either with the fabric or with its PVC panel.

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Who is it use for

At this point, as you realize it has 3 tents in the series, and the capacity depends on your choices. Additionally, you have already seen the floor plans. Then in the case of the UP-2 Tent aka 5-person, you can accommodate two cots, plus a camping table, plus the wood-burning stove.

On the other way, if it is used without the stove and for sleeping on the ground, it accommodates 5 people. Equally, the area of this 5-person tent is 88 ft². That means 17.6 ft² per person. Though this is enough space but you must think about all your gear. 

According to the weight and packed size, this is a big, heavy, and bulky tent. The weight is 55.1 lb for the UP-2 Tent and its packed size is 140 x 30 x 30 cm. That means it is for places with car access, but its weight and packed size are justified that this is an incredible structure. 

According to climate and seasons, The Russian Bear hot tent is for all seasons and for practically all climates. It has plenty of ventilation options for situations when you use it in a warm environment.

After all, the tent is very much aerodynamic and well-secured with its numerous stakes and guylines. As a result, it can withstand a lot of wind or snow pressure. As all its features are shown above, it is clear that you can use it in the most extreme weather environments also. In brief, it is actually an incredible construction.

What Materials used in Russian-Bear winter Tent

The tent has a combination of steel rods and aluminum В95Т1 alloy, with a diameter of 8 and 10 mm. Though the stakes are very strong but simple steel pieces. Moreover, there are extra two aluminum rods included for the awning.

The shell fabric is Oxford 300 with a PU coating that provides a 4000 mm waterproof rating. On the other hand, the inner layer is Oxford 210  waterproof and with a 2000 mm rating.


1. Question: Is the item durable?

Ans: Obviously it is Durable.

2. Question: Is this item easy to use?

Ans: One people can smoothly pick it up and move it

3. Question:can one people setup it?

Ans: Easily can setup.

Final thoughts

Finally, in brief,  this Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack review is a long content but actually this tent deserves it. It has so many features, so there is nothing similar to this tent on the market. I don’t want to repeat what I have already described above, just in brief that this is dependable, excellent, wonderful, and easy to use for all weather conditions though it is heavy and bulky.

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