Wenzel Tent for Family Camping of 2023

This Wenzel great Basin 10- person tent is an ideal selection for just about any overnight stand in the outdoors. It includes innovations similar to Fast Feet and Multi-Diameter poles. Moreover, It also provides lightweight, weatherproof materials.

It belongs to a company with 125 years of outdoor equipment blueprint experience, so you can be confident in its reflective design.

Wenzel Great Basin Tent Features, Pros, Cons, Compare

After all the good news is, it is spacious and satisfies comfortable. With over 150 square feet, you’ll have plenty of room for an entire family or group. Specifically, a height of 78″ makes changing clothes and providing other standing activities easier. In the same way, multiple windows let in naturalistic light and sweet air when you want it.

On the contrary, relax while charging your devices or watching a show with the handy electrical port that allows access to campsite electrical utilities. In fact, a full fly saves you from light rain.

Key Features

  • Quality: Best
  • Capacity: 10
  • Floor Size: 18′ x10′
  • Floor Area: 159 sq. ft.
  • Peak Height: 78″
  • Weight: 28lbs. 2oz.
  • Floor: Welded Polyethylene.
  • Packaged Size: 27″x10.75″x10.75″
  • Doors: 1
  • Windows: 4


  • With enough space and the ideal features to house 10 campers at once.
  • The best-selling durably built Wenzel Great Basin is the obvious choice.
  • Revolutionary latest Lite Reflect system that beams.
  • Efficient glow all around when you put a headlamp or flashlight in the gear loft.
  • There’s also the privacy of removable divider curtains that instantly generate three separate sleeping rooms.
  • The zippers on the windows and the door all work easily and the rain guard fits exactly.


The rain guard, while good but is not enough to withstand driving rain that does not let up.

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Compare with Others 10 Person tent

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Why do you select it?

First of all, The Wenzel Great Basin is a nice large tent that allows you to stand up and move around. It probably sleeps 10. Secondly, It’s comparatively simple to set up probably by just one person, if necessary. The third, the zippers on the windows and door all work easily and the rain guard fits smoothly.

However, you do get what you pay for. In the same way, it’s worth learning to stake or guyline perfectly and perhaps will get better stakes. 

One of my friend’s review of this tent

My friend explained the reason for writing that review that he was really happy with the performance of the tent.  Additionally said, he had purchased  Wenzel Great Basin Tent for family camping and hunting. He had decided on the tent because that was spacious for 10 persons and looked better than other tents its size.

The first time, on a rainy weekend my friend had found the tent had been no issues and been given an excellent performance. The second time, he had taken the tent out to go scouting, the weather was perfect and it did excellent again. The third time, he had taken it out however, the weather was very poor.  

According to his review, the first few nights Wenzel Great Basin Tent was able to withstand continuous 25-35 MPH wind gust and rain except much intervention. They had ended up adding a few extra tie-downs to the rain cover and tent to help keep it down and make it more aerodynamic.  In a word, the weather was so poor, temps in the high 30’s, that they were forced to do all cooking on a stovetop in the tent.

The tent was hugely spacious of room to set up two queens blow-up mattresses and a foldup table in between, with space for foldup chairs as well. He also said that the high profile tents are not normally able to withstand such poor weather, but this tent had done a great job. 

Wenzel Great Basin Tent Setup Video

User manual Wenzel Great Basin 10 Tent

Download Wenzel Great Basin Tent Manual from here.


How high is it?

The tallest point is around 6′ because you all can able to stand up straight and move around.

Is the Wenzel great basin tent able to fit a queen size air mattress?

Obviously Yes, it’s spacious of room to set up two queens blow-up mattresses and a folding table in between, with space for fold up chairs as well.

Does this tent have access points for electrical cords?



Last but not the least, when you search a perfect tent with enough space and the excellent features to accommodate 10 campers at once, the Wenzel Great Basin is the obvious choice. In brief, no wonder ‘great’ is in the name.

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