8 Best 3 Season Camping Tents in 2023 (Reviews)

3 season camping tent are quickly becoming everyone’s first choice to get a good night’s sleep while backpacking, hiking, hunting, and regular camping.

In fact, one of the best kinds of tent for family camping in the months of Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Though they’re certainly more suitable for summer, spring, and autumn, you can definitely use them in winter with a few adjustments.

A lot of models are being made using thin yet durable materials, combined with much lighter framework poles. This is lighter than previous editions, the higher-quality structure makes them better for standing up in the several elements.

Finally, we’re sure you can find one to take with you on your next adventure, for this reason, you can sleep with peace of mind.

The Best 3 Season Camping Tents Reviews

Discover our guide and reviews on the best 3 season camping tent based on their quality, durability, and design.

1. Mountainsmith Morrison 3 Season Tent

3 Season Camping Tent

This dome-style 3 season tent has 2 large vestibules on either side for storing baggage and other gear. With storing their things separately, so nothing gets mixed up. Actually, it is great for warmer days, there are 2 big doors positioned at the vestibules that are designed with mesh.

On the other hand, on walls, screen windows are sufficiently large to stargaze out of. Additionally, all this mesh also promotes airflow, which is very important in hot weather.

If it’s cold, the rainfly covers the structure completely for a cozy secluded space. At the using time of rainfly, you can still receive ventilation through the upper vents that have small roofs over them to stop rain seeping inside.

It’s also breathable due to the 185T polyester fabric that protects against 2000mm of water but won’t improve humidity.

You can use it for backpacking or any other type of adventuring. Exclusively, with its bathtub flooring, any ground leakages are prevented so you can even set-up camp next to lakes, beaches, rivers, and so on. Really, this flooring is a 190T polyester that is sufficiently solid to withstand up to 5000mm of rainfall.

On the contrary, another reason for this being ideal for backpackers is the 30D 244T nylon carry sack. So, it holds up against serious wear-and-tear which can often happen when living out of a bag.

Finally, assembly is seamless with the two-pole frame that has a color-coded system for the fly-attachment. Moreover, the instructions are even printed onto the provided sac.

2. Kelty Salida Camping & Backpacking Tent

Kelty Salida Backpacking

Since it is made for 4 people, we think this is the perfect size for 2 people to sleep roomily and comfortably. Moreover, compact folding poles and strong hug clips make installation effortless as it’s a two-pole construction.

Especially, bug resistant mesh panels are built 360° around the structure for huge air circulation, and they also let you watch the sky at night when the weather is agreeable. On the other hand, during worse conditions, the rainfly gives 100% coverage with taped seams to keep everything dry inside.

There is a large front canopy space that is closed off with the rainfly, which is made of 68D polyester much like the walls. This is a robust yet breathable fabric that helps further initiate ventilation when everything is closed away.

In fact, a large D-shaped door provides you enough space to go in and out, also you can roll up the cover. So it doesn’t get in the way when you’re trying to organize things inside. Moreover, additional ceiling loops let you suspend lights or install a separate gear loft for additional storage.

Honestly, it’s portable and lightweight for hiking, and the carry sac has a unique and exclusive rectangular design. This makes it easier to accommodate inside a backpack as it won’t take up as much volume.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus Tent

Taurus Tent

Firstly, the small mesh windows line parts of the roof, in this same way, some other screen openings on the walls. Actually, on the D-doors, there is a window that can be zipped open and closed to adjust the temperature levels. The flooring and fly work together to create an excellent waterproof experience.

Additionally, all the stitching is entirely sealed, so nothing can get through to destroy the dryness inside.

On the contrary, two awnings give lots of room for stocking all your gear. We suggest this one for use by 2 people, as they can sleep with a lot of space to stretch as well as store their things in isolated sections. Moreover, baggage won’t take up room inside and will stay protected from nature whilst underneath the canopy.

In fact, the framework is built with fiberglass poles that are shock-corded to avoid breakage.  This is necessary to prevent any shattering during winds. With aluminum stakes and tough guy ropes, it is improved structural integrity. Finally, this would suit any type of trail or walking adventures due to its lightweight body.

4. MIER Ultralight 3 Season Tent

Ultralight 3 Season Tent

Undoubtedly, it is ideal for hikers who need as little weight as possible on their backs, this is super lightweight clocking in at just 2.2 lbs for the 1 person and 2.8 lbs for the 2-person version. Moreover, this is one of the lightest we’ve ever seen for this size which makes it perfect for high-intensity activities.

The carry bag weighs advantageously only 0.13 lbs, so it won’t add unnecessary mass. Setting it up does need your own trekking pole, however, it’s fairly normal to have one of these while hiking or mountaineering.

Though it requires a traditional teepee design, it has a modern touch with the tub-like flooring that prevents any moisture from getting within the interior. Further shielding is given by the two awning sections of the rainfly.

On the other hand, you can put all your equipment in these areas, so they don’t take up valuable space inside. Because of the sloping walls, there is slightly more room for sitting up, therefore, your head won’t touch the roof.

According to the manufacturer, weatherproofing is violent with this tent,  the outer rainfly is made of 15D ripstop nylon, and is PU coated with an impressive 5000mm HH rating.

Finally, this type of material is not only anti-tear and long-lasting, however, it is also breathable to lessen the risk of stuffiness inside. Overall, the interior is pretty much entirely made of mesh and bug-resistant, so you can stay safe from creepy crawlies.

5. Eureka! Tetragon HD Waterproof Camping Tent

Waterproof Camping Tent

Made to sleep 5 people, you can feel secure with a fiberglass pole frame with strong ring-and-pin corner stakes. So, it’s smooth to assemble and ideal for occasional campers who enjoy a quick process. Moreover, it’s freestanding and has dedicated pole sleeves so you can simply tell where to install everything.

Additionally, the dome form also makes it simpler to assemble and take down once finished. With a waterproof facility for all kinds of weather, the walls and outer flysheet are 63D polyester fabric with a 1000mm water coating. Additionally, the framework has been constructed so that hoods are placed at the door and back window.

Then you can leave the mesh exposed without stressing about leaking. Needless to say, this screening is 40D thick in the upper section so air can circulate calmly and efficiently. Further protection is given with the bathtub ground and higher flooring guards everyone inside from water splashes and muddiness.

In brief, one of the coolest features is the upper storage pockets that can double as a device holder. Finally, this is such a nice and exclusive thing to do when it’s raining, and you don’t have other activities planned.

6. Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent

outdoor tents

Honestly, excellent for activity-focused camping like backpacking, kayaking, hiking, and bike camping, this one comes with a footprint, therefore, you don’t need to spend extra on protection. In fact, a footprint is a thoughtful addition as these types of camping generally require sleeping on rough landscapes where wear-and-tear can occur.

Though compact, it’s surely made to withstand whatever nature has to offer.

Needless to say, the structure is super solid with heavy-duty stakes and Dyneema guy lines, which are designed with a robust core and generally found in 5-season versions. Additionally, taped seams keep warmth inside and two-way zippers make it not only easier to get in and out but comes with slightly more protection.

A combination of strong silicone and tough nylon makes up the rainfly. Even the flooring and footprint are more hardwearing as it’s 40D ripstop Silnylon to uphold against rocky campsites. On the other hand, without the outer cover, the entire thing is 20D no-see-um mesh to stop some winds and allow you to see the sky.

But, if you’re worried about size, the vestibule makes up for it. Stretching quite long, there is a huge free space for backpacks, shoes, and other belongings. Additionally, these also make packing away a smooth experience. So, you can literally stuff it inside the pouch which is handy if you’re in a rush.

7. Naturehike Mongar 2 Person Backpacking Tent

2 person tent

Undoubtedly, another perfect tent for outdoor recreation and lightweight and compact to comfortably fit 1 or 2 people. The front decorated a sort of unique design where the main entrance is pointed in a triangular shape, as an alternative of the vestibule sloping downwards.

Honestly, this would work well for deflecting wind as it would easily slide straight over. Plus, it gives a bit more coverage when taking off shoes or resting, unlike a regular dome model where the canopy just fits baggage.

In fact, a freestanding structure is simple to assemble yet remains stable in tough elements. Because the poles and stakes are all aluminum which is ideal for tougher conditions. The outer fly cover and the flooring both are made from 20D nylon ripstop material that is also silicone coated for extra durability.

Additionally, it’s also stretch-resistant which is a huge convenience in wet weather as this could otherwise cause sagging. So, a rating of 4000mm waterproofing means it holds up against a large amount of rainfall.  

On the other hand, temperature control can be achieved through the full-mesh form. It supports huge ventilation to get through when it’s very hot, or you could produce warmth by using the rainfly. A few windows with hoods stop rain from dripping inside. Actually, the front section can be opened and folded to stay exposed for extra airflow.

8. Mountain Ultra 3 Season Tent

three season tent

Undoubtedly, available in 1 to 4 person versions, it has a classic dome shape for ultimate stability. While using the waterproof rainfly, you can still maintain a healthy amount of ventilation due to the incorporated vents and small vestibules.

It’s made from ripstop nylon, which is a highly durable yet lightweight fabric, perfect for constant use. Without this flysheet, the structure is generally completely micromesh. So, you can really enjoy a night of stargazing without worrying about bugs or drafts seeping through.

Besides the outer cover that can fully zip up, the floor is like a bathtub design to stay away from the muddy and wet ground. It is made from Oxford material which is sturdy, resists leaks, and moisture.

Needless to say, heat taped seams are reinforced for extreme protection against cold winds and rain. 2 doors give easy access from either side of the tent, also where the openings of the rainfly are so you can get in and out even when it’s closed.

Because of the mesh structure, it is very lightweight and packs down in a carry bag measuring just 25″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″. Finally, the total weight once packed is just 9.5 pounds, so we think this is great for short backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering trips with someone else, as it won’t take up much space in your gear.

How to Choose the best 3 Season Camping Tent

Firstly to know, Are You Going Solo?

Size is an important option you must consider before buying any tent, but it’s seriously a big deal for these kinds of shelters. Most of the ones on our list are for few people, and a lot of summers, autumn, and spring seasonal versions are lightweight and intended for backpackers, trekkers, hikers, and so on.

Generally, brands will label the capacity that it can hold at the maximum, but this usually shouldn’t be the exact number of people that should actually stay inside. For example, a 4 person tent will more comfortably fit 2 bodies or a family with 2 young children.

The only exception we’d say you could get away with a 2-person model. When you will travel with someone who you’re quite close, you could both sleep inside, however, most likely won’t be much space left. You must consider the floor size. A dome shape might look smaller, but this is sort of an illusion as the flooring is larger than the rest of this.

The Importance of Air Circulation

Since the focus is mainly on the warmer months, perfect airflow is a big must. Generally, you’ll find most 3 seasons will be made of mainly mesh with an outer rainfly. So, this is the covering that goes over the top to protect from rain, wind, sand, and other elements.

While this fly is on, as well as need to look out if it has some pockets of mesh that you can open and close to your liking. So, you can preserve some form of warmth inside when it’s cold. Vestibules are also great for ventilation with storage.

Usually, things can get sticky and humid inside if there isn’t a perfect circulation of breeze. In fact, you’ll find some that are entirely made of mesh screen as the body of the tent, while others will have a combination of some other material. Ultimately it’s up to you to make a decision based on where you’ll be going as well as how many people will use it.

Lightweight Materials and Packaging

According to the type of camping you’ll be doing, it’s necessary to take note of the weight and what is contributing to it. There are several factors you should notice:

  • Backpackers, hikers, and other types of trekkers should select ultra-lightweight versions that weigh no more than 3 lbs. In saying that, ones that weigh no more than 7-9 lbs could be used on shorter trips. It also depends on how much you can handle, and if you’re trekking with someone else who can carry other parts of the load.
  • Honestly, construction is perfectly freestanding, So, that stakes are not necessary for it to stand up. These are very simple to assemble and are normally lightweight because of the thin and durable poles.
  • Thin carry sacs contribute especially to the weight of your gear. Moreover, you must want them to be light and airy, yet tough so they won’t rip while you’re taking it in and out.


What is a 3 Season Tent?

A 3 season tent is that which is built to withstand strong winds, big rainstorms, and mild snowfall. On the other hand, typically constructed with big mesh openings to supply proper ventilation for warmer weather and generally come with a rainfly to adapt to cooler conditions.

As they’re not built for super heavy-duty expeditions like a 5-season tent made for severe climates, they can be lightweight and less bulky. So, it allows easier transportation and you don’t have to compromise on where and how you travel.

What Does a 3 Season Tent Mean?

It means they are made for camping during the 3 seasons of summer, autumn, and spring.

Can You Use a 3 Season Tent in Winter?

Surely it is possible. We suggest though to consider where you are going to be camping. When you will up in the mountains and the temperatures are known to drop incredibly low, it’s probably best to choose a 4 or 5 season one. 


In brief, 3 season tents for camping are a widely common selection with their versatility, huge amounts of airflow, durable designs, and affordability. We’ve suggested to you our favorite picks for the best 3 season camping tent based on their high ratings in these areas.

We hope you can discover the awesome options on the market so you can stay safe and comfortable no matter what kind of adventure you’re going on.

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