The Best 4 Person Cabin Tent

Cabin tents are a great and significant way to spend your camping trip. Moreover, if this is something you’re worried about, you need to find the best 4 person cabin tent for the rain, winds and cold.

In this same way, you must be required some important questions such as what happens if it rains? Can your tent handle the rain and provide protection from the cold?

Generally, it can be hard to find the perfect one, but we went through many products and their reviews. Our research narrowed down the list to these tents bellow as the best.

Read on for more information on what to look for in a tent that handles several seasons and our breakdowns of the cabin tents below.

Definition of Cabin Tent

The cabin tent is a tent with a cabin-like shape. In fact, they have certain defining features and interesting pros and cons. So, What is the definition of a cabin tent?

A cabin tent is a tent defined by its near-vertical walls, high ceilings, and large windows. It imitates the shape of a “cabin” and is boxy in its general shape. Relatively, it takes more time to set up, costs a little more and doesn’t handle wind as well. However, it habitually provides a lot more space inside when compared to dome tents or other with similar floor size.

Common Features of 4 Person Cabin Tents

There is no 4-person cabin tent that is The best of them all. Everyone has various features that may make it best for your situation. Therefore, look at these features below in this section and decide which accommodates your situation the best.

Waterproofing and Rain Protection

Here are several factors that you may want to include in your buying a cabin tent.

  • Rainfly: Actually, the rain fly is the most important thing about how rainproof a tent is. Moreover, if the rain fly is high-quality it can withstand huge rain and prevent water from getting to the main tent body.

    Additionally, you may also want to check out the rain fly’s coverage. In fact, some only cover the top of the tent while others come all the way down to the ground. Apparently, rain flies that cover the entire tent allows the best rain protection.
  • Waterproofing: Actually, tent materials may receive additional waterproofing with some chemicals. The strength of the waterproofing is fixed with a number, while the higher the number, the better the protection.
  • Seam protection: Without waterproofing, most tent sides and the top can withstand the rain. But it’s the seams that cause most of the leaking.

    Tent manufacturers want to avoid this problem by adding some seam protection. In this same way, this can take different forms like reversed seams, seam covers, and waterproofed seams. So, be on the lookout for that.
  • Tent bottom material and shape: Many people assume that water from the rain gets in through the top of the tent, therefore, the top cover is the most important. However, as well as important is water protection from the bottom of your tent.
    Tent bottoms should be made from sturdy material and have an extra waterproofing system to them.
  • Overall tent shape: Cabin tents have a boxier shape. For this reason, if you can’t set it up correctly so the ceiling is level or angled in towards the middle of the tent, then water can pool. Finally, make sure the overall shape of the tent still slopes downward away from the tent so no water collects in rain.

Tent Material

Nowadays most tents are made from polyester. Generally, they are the cheapest and the best at resisting water. Though not all polyester is made equally.

Tent Dimensions

Remember, just because all of these are the best 4 person cabin tents doesn’t mean their dimensions are absolutely the same. In fact, the three most important are: the floor height, floor width, and peak height.

Actually, the peak height refers to the tent at its tallest point. Unlike dome tents which slope downward quickly, a cabin tent’s peak height provides you a better idea of how much spacious it is.


At purchasing, you should always consider the price when deciding what to buy. Moreover, conder exactly what you need and what you’re worried about. Then purchase the best 4 person cabin tent that best fits those needs.


On the other hand, check out these common extras that may be included:

  • Number of doors
  • Rainfly, a waterproof cover for your tent
  • Vestibule, spot for shoes
  • Garage, park your bikes
  • Number of windows
  • Room dividers
  • Interior pockets or loops

Review of the Best 4 Person Cabin Tent

Here is our list of the best 4 person cabin tents for rain. Each one may be the best suitable for you, but you just need to balance what you want in the features with the products below.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4 Person Tent

4 Person Cabin Tent

This more expensive tent by ALPS Mountaineering provides a great balance of portable tenting, rain proofing, and extra features. Actually,

the tent is made of polyester which is the standard material for tents nowadays. Moreover, the additional rainfly covers the top of the tent and overs a decent awning space over the door, and the back window is made from 75D 185T with a waterproof coating. Overall, it directs the rain away from the top of the tent and prevents pooling and leakage.

An excellent tent bottom 150D polyester fiber with waterproofing prevents water from coming up from the ground. As a great added rain-proof feature, the seams have all been factory sealed to stop seeping.

On the other hand, ALPS made this tent fantastic large for a 4 person tent. The floor dimensions are 7.5ft x 8.5ft, and the peak height is 7ft tall. A little bit less of length and width than other 4 person tents, but it’s quite tall.

Finally, the setup of the tent should be too much easy with its hub design and pole clips. However, it won’t be as easy to pitch as an instant tent.


  • Huge space to move around
  • Rainfly and bottom tent layer are effective in the rain
  • Windows and seams seal up well
  • Much light tent for the size


  • Actually not simply set up
  • Little expensive

OutdoorMaster 4/6/8 Person Instant Cabin Tent

4/6/8 Person Instant Tent

OutdoorMaster cabin tent is a medium-priced one that may be just for you and those going camping with you.

The distinctive addition of the porch makes this category a good one for those worried about rain. Moreover, one of the biggest problems with tents and rain is getting in the tent while keeping all water out. Therefore, with a porch overhang, you can get under there and take all your wet stuff off keeping the inside of your tent dry.

Overall, the tent is made from specialized polyester that is affordable, easy to use, and really stable. In addition, as a protective measure, the tent is made with 190T polyester & higher-denier fabric. This is key for a true rain tent.

Exclusively, the windows and doors are all dual-layered. Moreover, they have a thick inner mesh for bug protection and airflow, however, it also has an outer layer for wind and rain protection. Actually, not every tent has this for its windows.

For setup, there aren’t many 4 person cabin tents that are simple get up and down. In spite of its larger size, all you need to do is use the hydraulic mechanism to pitch the tent in record time.

On the other hand, the inner floor dimension is 8 x 8 x 5(H) ft. This should give you a huge space to sleep 4 people or a small family.


  • Exclusive Rainproof bottom material prevents leakage
  • The porch overhang keeps wet and rains out of the inside of the tent
  • With simple set up
  • Huge space inside


  • No additional rainfly
  • Little bit heavy

Coleman 4 Person Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

The Coleman 4 Person cabin tent is affordable and may not come with the top-of-the-line features, but it may be just right for the casual camper on a budget.

After all, this tent is made from polyester as is the standard for tents. Coleman included the rain fly with this tent, therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking it on and off. Additionally, it is made vented to keep the air flowing as much as possible when it’s hot outside.

It manufactures its WeatherTec system with welded floors and inverted seams to prevent leaking. The polyester is a bodyguard at double thickness. It offers good protection from the rain.

Honestly, the floor dimensions are 8ft x 7ft, and the peak height is at 4.9ft. The floor is a little smaller than the other 4 person tents, but the height is smaller. For this reason, this can help with security in the wind, but it doesn’t give you the space to stand up and move around.

Setup with this tent is quite simple. In addition, they use pre-attached poles that just let you unfold the tent, extend the poles, and then lock them in place.


  • Much affordable
  • Simple setup
  • Quite waterproofing
  • Stable material
  • Included rainfly does a good job in medium rain


  • Actually, materials not as waterproofed as other high-end tents
  • The bottom layer is not extra coated
  • Not spacious

SEMOO Family Cabin Tent for Camping

Family Cabin Tent for Camping

Undoubtedly, the SEMOO waterproof cabin tent is a medium-priced tent with huge features you expect in a cabin tent with some serious rain proofing.

In fact, the tent body is made from a standard polyester with a polyurethane coating for some waterproofing. However, SEMOO added polyethylene to the tent floor for more protection.

Needless to say, the best waterproofing feature of this cabin tent is the rain fly.

On the contrary, what makes it special is the hooped fly frame that provides a serious arch over the tent and pushed the rain far away from the tent body. This category also prevents any pooling or leaking of water into the tent.

After all, the floor dimensions are 8.1ft x 8.1ft, and the peak height is 5.9ft tall. This allows a pretty space on the bottom, but a little on the short side for adult men. It’d be fine with it at my super tall 5’9”.

After a little practice, the setup for this tent is pretty easy. Actually, it’s not an instant setup, so you’ll still have to go through threading the poles and such. However, it shouldn’t take too much time once you’re used to it.


  • With Great value
  • Simple set up with practice
  • Rainfly does an excellent job of keeping things dry
  • Tough material lasts a long time
  • Much preventive


  • In fact, a little on the small side

Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent

coleman camping

Coleman cabin tent is fantastic for anyone needing a huge tent with great features to make your outdoor trips even better. Moreover, the Instant Tent is a four-person tent with a lot of benefits. Additionally, it is large, affordable, and perfect for any outdoor lover who wants to buy something on a fixed budget.

In this same way, this four-person instant tent has a door at the center of the tent and a good rainfly system that supports both privacy on the inside of the tent as well as good weather protection. In addition, this tent also provides a Weather Tec system that will help keep the water from getting into the tent. Moreover, everybody will stay protected and dry when inside this comfortable tent.

Due to its nice windows, everyone in the family can get a chance to enjoy the view outside while sitting or lying safely inside. Also, it has taped fly seams to supply greater protection and to keep water and wind out.

Needless to say, this is such a large tent it can hold a queen-sized mattress and still have additional space. There is a lot of room for everyone to feel comfortable and be safe. Overall, you get lots of benefits for a tent that comes with a small price.


  • Much large and spacious
  • With great weather protection
  • With generously sized windows


  • Actually, it only has one door

Frequently Asked Questions

How big size of a tent do I need for 4 people?

Actually, the space needed per person in a tent is 13-15 square feet, so for a good 4 person tent, you need around 55 square feet to 65 for some comfortable wiggle room.

What’s different between a Dome tent and a cabin tent?

In fact, a cabin tent is a tent defined by its near-vertical walls, high ceilings, and large windows. It imitates the shape of a cabin and is boxy in its general shape. On the contrary, a dome tent is one of the most common tent types out there, it uses two lightweight poles that run over each other diagonally which creates the dome shape in the roof.

What are the benefits of a Cabin Tent?

Cabin tents tend to be much larger and more spacious than dome tents and are more family or gathering-orientated. Great for large camping trips.


Finally, we hope you can find our guide to the best 4 person cabin tent helpful. You have to consider the features and prices to decide which is the best 4 person cabin tent that you want. Most advisors recommend the ALPS tent for its space, quality material, and excellent waterproofing.

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