Dog Friendly Camping: Ultimate Guide and Tips

If you are a dog lover and already have a dog in your house, then it is impossible to enjoy your camping without it for a long time. In that case, you might consider a dog friendly camping.

To do so couples of instructions must be followed for a successful journey. You need to gather some stuff that is related to pet camping. Don’t worry about it as they are easily available in the market nowadays.

Camping with Your Dog: A Checklist

For a successful dog friendly camping trip, it is wise to have everything you might need. Sometimes we might forget what we are supposed to bring with us. But at the last moment, some people forget a couple of things. To solve this problem, we can make a checklist and recheck them when we leave our house.

1. First Aid Kit for Pets

Always keep a first aid box for both you and your pet. This will keep it safe in any circumstances. In the wilderness, anything could happen without your concern. Keep all medication up to date.

Otherwise, an expired stuff or medicine could do more damage to a wound. The first aid should include antiseptic wipes, latex gloves, gauze, antibiotic ointment, blade, scissors, knife, alcohol rub and so on.

2. Keep a Travel Dog Shower For Cleanliness

Some cats love to roll around to have fun in soil, grasses, leaves. This can make it dirty. For instant cleaning, make arrangements along with a water bottle attached with other stuff. This will make it ready for instant hiking with you without any kind of delay.

3. Have a Waterproof Folder for Keeping Important Dog Documents Organized

dog friendly camping trip

Important documents for dogs include their license, proof of its ownership, vaccine record, medication prescription of vet if any. Keep a newly captured picture of your dog in 360 degrees just in case it is lost. These records will help to find your dog quickly.

4. Bug, Flea & Tick Repeller

At the time when you are packing your personal bug repellent, pack some animal bug repellers too. Some insect eliminators won’t work for pets. Insects of different types attract dogs that need special consideration.

5. Foldable Doggie Playpen

Couple of Small dogs will feel secure and have fun in this travel playpen. Make sure that they are foldable and easy to carry. The best would be if it is well known to the pet and used to play at home.

6. Well Equipped Dog Gear Travelling Bag

Have such a bag that can hold everything you need in one place with this dog bag. Make sure that the bag is big enough to hold some extra tools to hold. You might have planned something but in the end you may end up with a couple of more things.

7. Wisely Include The Campsite Number on The Dog’s Collar

You can use permanent markers or something convenient to write down the number of your campsite just in case it is lost or something. Make sure that the dog can’t scratch or bite it out of its collar. Some well known campsites supply such stuff to make this easy.

8. Small Dog Carrier Backpack

Larger dogs like to hike or walk around on their own. In the case of smaller ones, they are not used to walking much or as fast as you move. This could make the traveling slower. You could be left behind from the group.

This is life-saving equipment to make the journey easier. You can use it as a backpack.

9. Doggie Zip Line For Multiple Dogs

In case you have multiple dogs and you have decided to bring them with you, zip lines will help you to make sure their leashes don’t tangle with each other.

10. Metal Spiral Dog Leash Anchor

You can twist the anchor till it’s secure in the soil, join the dog’s leash to keep them close.  It can also give them the opportunity to roam the whole campground.

11. Easily Collapsible Dog Bowls

These bowls will save your backpack space. At the time of meal, just expand them and give your dog food and water. After cleaning, just fold them to save space. Cleaning is important.

12. Capture a New Photo

It is wise to keep new photos of your dog on your gadgets. If your dog is lost and you want others to help you search for them, the photos will help you in many ways. You can even ask for help via the internet.

13. LED Light-Up Dog Collar

The luminous collar can be seen from a far distance. It is useful to locate your dog at night or in cloudy weather. Make sure to recharge them up from time to time. Choose brighter color for this purpose.

14. Dog Water Bottle With Bowl

The dog gets thirsty while you two are hiking during Summer. This dog bowl water bottle is a special piece of equipment that helps the dog to easily drink from its own canteen for keeping itself hydrated.

15. Pet Wipes For Cleaning

Pet wipes are properly designed to fit any dog breed. It is a camping must-have in between baths to give it comfort and hygiene.

16. Paw Protectors For Dogs

With such equipment, you can take your dog to any zigzag area or stony paths. They are Water-resistant and easily adjustable. Two reflective straps are helpful for better nighttime visibility and locating from a long distance.

17. Towel or Blanket Layers in Tent

Sharp dog claws may create holes in the floor of the tent. In that case, spread out a few blankets or towels on the floor. This will also make any post-camping doggy cleanup pretty much easier.

18. Dog Travelling Bed

Have a  machine-washable bed at home after the camping trip with your dog. Dogs vary in different sizes. Make sure in earlier whether your dog likes it or not. Otherwise, it would be an extra load for you while traveling.

19. Portable Tent For Dog

You can consider having a separate tent for your dog. If you fail to accommodate your dog into your tent, then you may buy a new one for your dog. Make sure whether the tent is pet-friendly or not. This can solve a living situation if you two sleep at different timetables. You can buy tent for puppy or large dog tents for multiple dogs.

20. Travel Bag For Dog Food

Couples of dog food carriers can hold up to 2 KG food. That should be enough for a middle-sized dog for a couple of days. Have the foods that your pet likes. Don’t make a habit change during camping.

21. Sleeping Bag for Dog

If you’re camping during winter, It is wise to have a sleeping bag that will give it extra comfort.

22. Lightweight Hiking Backpack for Dogs

Have a lightweight backpack for your dog. Make sure it has some extra pockets in them. This will help you to keep couples of stuff into them.

23. Elevated Dog Bed

They are good for larger dogs with joint issues. The well-made material keeps them dry and cool.

Conclusion: Dog Friendly Camping

Dog friendly camping will give you more enjoyment than humans. At first, it may feel disturbing but when you are used to it, then it will be worth a lot.

The dog will give you so much joy in the wilderness. Besides, it will give you extra protection. 

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